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Dental Implants is a procedure which has been done when the tooth is completely missing, but if the tooth is broken then the remaining teeth is removed carefully and replaced it by new one. At smiles dental care we provide Dental Implants in Brisbane at very affordable prices. For more detalis please visit :-


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Understanding the Procedure of Dental Implants

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Following is the stepwise method that a dentist follows for a dental implant:  If the tooth is completely missing the dentist directly starts with the procedure but if the tooth is broken the remains are then carefully removed before proceeding.  The dentist first makes a cut in the jaw and makes the jaw exposed to surgery.  Then   the   deep   hole   is   drilled   into   the   jaw   bone   and   the titanium post is placed which will act as tooth root.

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 The dentist waits for the bone to accept the foreign material and grow around it that way it becomes stronger base. The process is known as osseointegration.  This can take several months and till that time temporary restoration is done for the appeal.  After the foundation has united with the jaw bone abutment is attached to the post with the help of another surgery. In some cases  the   dentist  may   attach  the  abutment  at  the  time  of placing the root.

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 The gum tissue is closed and allowed to heal but not over the abutment. So the abutment remains exposed to eye.  After the gum has healed the individual have the choice to choose between a removable and a non­removable implant.  A removable implant easily fits the space and can be removed conveniently for cleaning. A non­removable implant is place by screwing the artificial tooth  to  the   abutment  or   fixing   the  tooth   with  the  help  of cement.

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