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Website designing is a very important and crucial task for your business growth and development. You need to create a unique and appealing website with all the necessary features and functions integrated into it. There are certain tricks that you need to follow to make your website look attractive yet professional which will help you get a better response from your audience., is the name you can trust upon to build a relevant website design for your business growth and development. Other services provided are Logo Designing, Brochure Designing, Letterhead Designing.


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Introduction – Website Designing ● Website designing is a very important and crucial task for your business growth and development. ● Designing your website can be a tedious task and thus needs a thorough and comprehensive approach. ● You should not miss any of the major elements while designing your website. ● There are quite a lot of things which needs to be taken care of before you actually set your website go live.

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Proper Space – Tips Tricks ● Space is the element which dictates both flow and readability. Excessive spacing or less spacing both is not good for your website. ● Keep consistency while using space for similar elements. ● The space used between lines of a paragraph and images should be same throughout the page. ● You should always start with key elements like navigation menus and also make sure that a set spacing is used between various elements. ● All your button or word will appear clearly on its own if you will follow the above step.

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Keep Simple Navigation – Tips Tricks ● Go for an easy and simple navigation in order to enhance your website user experience. ● You can go for five to ten navigation items depending on the type of website you are planning to create and the number of web traffic you are hoping to generate. ● You can also use tools which users can use to navigate through your site. ● Go for simple navigation framework which will guide your users throughout you website by helping them where they are where they want to go etc.

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About - Us – Tips Tricks ● Whether you are a small start-up or a giant player in the industry you need to speak volume about yourself. ● “About Us” page should tell your visitors about your companys goals philosophies etc in order to gain the reliability of the users. ● Keep this page simple and less wordy to make it engaging and not boring for the website users. ● Give your brand a personality with this page by including photos of key members of your organization.

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Complete Contact Information – Tips Tricks ● Your contact information should be depicted in the most complete and comprehensive manner for your website users. ● Whether you are using it in the header or Contact Us page it should clearly show your contact information. ● It should be properly visible having clear cut information about phone number and physical address. ● Try to add contact information to all headers and footers with a clear mention of your physical address and a contact form to contact your business directly through email.

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Call to Action prompts – Tips Tricks ● Any website without proper integration of call-to-action prompts is not complete. ● After analyzing the purpose of your website you can design various prompts which will lead your users to click on the right button. ● You can guide your website visitors through various call-to-action prompts and make them do what you actually want them to do. ● Place your call-to-actions prompts where they are clearly visible and next to the item it relates to.

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Go for Search option – Tips Tricks ● Adding a search element in your website will make it more user-friendly and convenient for your website visitors. ● This tool is very important for repeat users as they might like to check something many a times. ● Place search box at the top right corner of your page and make sure to use a big box so that terms from your website can be typed there. ● This will make it easier for the visitors to find and use it for their information.

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Informative Footer – Tips Tricks ● A footer can be used as a medium to inform your visitors regarding many important things without obstructing your design. ● Being the best place to put your site map company contact information and various important links footer should be properly used for each page of your site. ● Keep your footer simple and design it according to your website design. ● Use footer to connect to your website users and tell them about all your important traits.

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Design – Tips Tricks ● Button Styling - Go for a unique and distinct set of buttons for all your clickable items. ● Beautiful Images - Use photos to make your website appear more appealing and interesting for your website usersGo for custom images rather than going for stock images. ● Unique Fonts - Go for the best font to implement beautiful and interesting typefaces so that your website appears unique and better than the others. You can get various fonts through Google web fonts which is free tool available for you.

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