Review-day 2

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ESOL Theme day : 

Are you wearing your country colors? ESOL Theme day

My country colors : 

My country colors What are yours?

Review : 

Preparing for Reading Practice Review

Vocabulary log : 

Vocabulary log

Reading Strategies : 

Reading Strategies Strategy: a careful plan or method for achieving a goal Your goal is to become fluent readers of English A good reader uses reading strategies We will be practicing these strategies in all the Units.

Reading Strategies : 

Reading Strategies Predicting Skimming Scanning Summarizing

Predicting : 

Predicting Guessing what the reading will be about before reading it. Predict from the title. Based on what you know about the subject, what do you think the reading will be about? Asking questions and discussing ideas will help in predicting what a reading is about.

For example: : 

For example: Before reading about Eskimos

Skimming : 

Skimming to look over or read quickly to find the main idea

Scanning : 

Scanning Useful for finding answers to specific questions Read questions first, then read quickly through the entire passage looking for the answers to the questions Usually look for KEY words

Summarizing : 

Summarizing Read entire passage carefully Briefly explain what it is about

Vocabulary : 

Vocabulary When you are reading a passage, what can you do if you see a word you don’t know? Is it a good strategy to look up EVERY new word when you are reading?

Vocabulary Strategies : 

Vocabulary Strategies Guessing Look at the part of speech verb, noun, adjective, adverb etc. word root suffix/prefix OR guess by reading sentences or words around the new word =guessing from context To really know a word, you must be able to use it in context. [=in a sentence with other words]

Diagnostic Test : 

Diagnostic Test To check your reading skills No grade No dictionary No help Do your BEST

Homework : 

Homework Buy textbook! Unit 1 on Friday!

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