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Create a presentation like a PRO by using powerpoint tips & tricks. You can add some extra value in your presentation by following these tips. Check out some tips we are sharing here, if you've any other suggestions or queries, you can share it with us.


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POWERPOINT CUSTOM THEME FOR REFERENCE: WWW.ENTREPRISESCANADA.CA The main reason that these custom themes are so useful is that they contain ideas. Theyre more than just a set of colors and font choices. Instead they come loaded with ideas for slide designs. You can drop your content in the placeholders to save your time of recreating each presentation from scratch. TO KNOW MORE VISIT SLIDEKIT.COM MULTIPLE IMAGES So working with multiple images on one slide is tricky if you’re manually moving reshaping and resizing each image by hand. Luckily for you PowerPoint has a powerful trick. Once you’ve selected your layout you can rearrange your images. However it will still behave like a SmartArt graphic. MIXED COLOR Many PowerPoint themes mostly have one color scheme that you can apply to your presentation. In PowerPoint on the design tab click on the drop-down next to themes to try out a different color scheme. Typically these will restyle your entire presentation. Get premium themes from SlideKit that may have color options. CONTENT Content is king that makes a great impression in the audience. Sometimes we try to make so many points that the audience misses all of them due to information overload. But one of the best steps that you can take for your slide is to simply reduce the number of items that are on it. P O W E R P O I N T T I P S T R I C K S F O R P R E S E N T A T I O N Rock Your Presentation

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