How to pack for a trick and make your move easy


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How to pack for a trick and make your move easy For those who have moved before the general consensus is that it is not an easy task. Those who are doing it for the first time should brace up for some hard work. Well not really If you approach moving like any other complex project you will enjoy it. Everybody that has made it big in life used a game plan at some time or the other apart from the few that are riding on luck. It does not matter how many times you have moved in the past no one becomes an expert at dealing with the stress. The following game plan will help you to move every one of your belongings intact while keeping your sanity • Work with a timeline How much time do you have before the actual day when your belongings are transported from house A to B Divide this time up into portions and allocate each to a room. Within a certain time slot make sure that you have wrapped items belonging to a certain room and kept them in moving boxes. You may decide to pack continuously for the entire period then take a break within the last few minutes hours or days before packing the next room.

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• Get adequate packing supplies You will definitely be packing your rooms into boxes and the number of boxes needed depends on how much stuff you own. Banker boxes are usually easy to use because they are sturdy and have inbuilt provisions for carrying. Labels will also be needed once you complete placing a room into a box. You should have a box for what will be moving to the new house a trash bag for items that will be thrown away donate or sell. None of these should not be allowed to get onto the Full service movers truck without clear and proper labels. • Help to and from the truck Well done All your rooms have been packed and labeled perfectly. Will you manage to carry all these boxes dismantle your bed and fold your mattress without external help You have obviously done a lot of work up to this point and everybody will understand if you seek help. You can hire professional Full service movers to help or invite friends and family over to assist. Either way consider the fact that packing is just the tip of the iceberg. You may be too tired after the move and still require the moving team to stay back to unpack. You are moving to a new home and life must be as smooth as possible from day one. What about cable TV internet mail and pending deliveries If you have to put it on a calendar to remember please do it so that our life immediately after the move is not reminiscent of the stone age.