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Edwards Knox Watch Committee Looking Out For Our District www.ek-watch.com

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April 2011 Pool Closed ½ year Pool Manager reduced to Part Time Individual transportation of (1) Student 1 Bus Run CSE Secretary reduced to Part Time Drivers Education 2 Teachers Aides Technology Marching Band Sports (Volleyball, Swimming, Golf) Math Teacher Special Ed Teacher

What Changed:

What Changed Budget was voted down 3 new Board members took office Pool remained open full year Sports & Marching band took no cuts Superintendent’s illegal contract had to be redone Petitions, letters & FOILS filed Technology is being legally taught again



January 28th BOE Meeting:

January 28 th BOE Meeting Decision of Michelle Varian Spirit Week Activities December 10 th non-union salaries increases effective 7/1/12 were approved. Amounts were more than budgeted. Superintendent - $112,852.25 Director of Transportation - $47,495.00 Superintendent of Bldg & Grounds - $76,151.01 Superintendent’s Secretary - $44,632.91 Cafeteria Cook/Manager - $36,725.01 Business Clerk - $38,839.30 (salary adjustment for additional duties & responsibilities) High School Principal - $81,291.00

Budgeted Amounts:

Budgeted Amounts Superintendent - $112,033.00 ($819.25 Difference) Director of Transportation - $47,150.00 ($345.00 Difference) Superintendent of Bldg & Grounds - $75,598.00 ($553.01 Difference) Superintendent’s Secretary - $39,878.00 (Even with the District Clerk salary of $4,431.00 there is still a difference of $323.91) Cafeteria Cook/Manager - $? Not listed out Business Clerk - $37,581.00 (Difference of $1,258.30) High School Principal - $? Not separated out For what salaries we were able to compare it appears we are paying out $3,299.47 EXTRA this is with out the Cafeteria Manager & High School Principal’s salaries

Building Project:

Building Project Water Softener (10,000) (Where is the one that has never been used that came with the biomass, why aren’t we using this instead of saving it as a back up) Basketball Hoops for playground (20,000) Greenhouse (100,000) Double Sided LED Sign (65,000) Reconfigure Main Office Area (420,000)

Superintendent’s Contract:

Superintendent’s Contract Expires June 30, 2016 Special school district meeting (pg 105 – 106 section 4:79 -4:81) Superintendent Evaluations (pg. 166 section 7:28) Pg 169 section 7:33 mutual agreement between Board & Superintendent & pg 9 of contract Pg 169 section 7:34 written charges filed & pg 9 of contract

Plan of Action:

Plan of Action Petition Filing Written Complaints Picket Keep kids out of school Write letters & file petitions with the Commissioner’s office

Email Your Board Members:

Email Your Board Members Teresa Hogle - [email protected] Rick Brewer - [email protected] [email protected] Amanda Fuller - [email protected] Lynn Coller - [email protected]r.com Thomas O’Brien - [email protected] Randy VanBrocklin - [email protected] Joe Thomas - [email protected] Chris Averill - [email protected] Reggie LaPoint - [email protected]

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