A Brief 2019 Skoda Kodiaq 132 TSI Sportline Long Term Review

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A Brief 2019 Skoda Kodiaq 132 TSI Sportline Long Term Review        The 2019 Skoda Kodiaq 132 TSI Sportline came out last year to much acclaim.  Skoda’s take on the SUV certainly brings something special to a market that has  become crowded with very similar offerings. We thought that it would be a good idea  to look at how this car has performed over a longer period of time now that the hype  has died down a little.     Simply Clever    Skoda marketing experts came up with the "simply clever" tagline for their cars and it  the Kodiaq seems to match these expectations. At a glance we have a medium SUV  that uses the Volkswagen Groups MQB platform used on the VW Tiguan and Seat  Ateca. The engine can generate 132kW of power with a fuel economy of 7.6L/100km  combined. Of course it has plenty of safety features and a five star ANCAP safety  rating.    The interior is well thought out there’s plenty of space and it certainly has a more  premium feel than many of its rivals. Of course there is the now infamous door  umbrella that’s useful in a pinch but there are many other clever touches that are  genuinely useful. There are blinds for the rear windows to protect rear seat  passengers from the sun and the cup holder tray flips over to lie flatter when not in  use. There is an in door rubbish bin to keep the cabin tidy and don’t forget the boot  mounted LED torchlights if you need extra illumination in an emergency.    Fundamental Success

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The clever touches add that extra bit of class but Skoda has also made a great deal  of effort to make the Skoda Kodiaq 132 TSI Sportline fundamentally correct. Taller  drivers will find the well appointed seats to be as comfortable as for drivers that are  shorter in stature. The front and rear seats are heated which is a godsend for the  approaching winter months. The rear legroom is very impressive even if you have  the front seats set back at the limit of their runners. Despite the impressive  panoramic sunroof there is plenty of headroom too due to the taller roofline.     The second row of seating has a set of air vents along with door pockets for devices  and a storage slots at the rear of each front seat. The third row of seats even has  cup holders and the seats are more than adequate for smaller passengers. The  seats fold down flat into the floor to provide some very useful space for shopping  and carrying larger loads. There are fold out hooks for shopping bags that seem  gimmicky at first but they are really useful in practice.    The build quality is simply excellent every part feels solidly built and all the fabric  and plastic trim lines up nicely with no apparent gaps. The automatic boot is very  reliable for flawless hands free operation.    If they are looking for ​Skoda Kodiaq​ Perth based drivers should get in touch with us  here at Skoda Perth and we will be happy to arrange a no obligation test drive.  More recommended articles here: A Brief 2019 Skoda Kodiaq 132 TSI Sportline Review Skoda Kodiaq or Mazda CX-9: Which Should You Buy 7 Surprising Skoda Kodiaq Facts

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