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Comfortable in any place and in all conditions, the ŠKODA KODIAQ combines a robust body with impressive off-road capability. Its precise, sharp lines are shaped by ŠKODA’s new design language for SUVs - making it distinctive, yet timeless.


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The all-new 7-seater ŠKODA KODIAQ 4x4 has arrived and it intends to impress. Built to the highest of standards the KODIAQ combines 4x4 capabilities impressive state-of- the-art driver assistance systems innovative safety technology and extraordinary comfort and space making it an ideal companion for families. And as in all ŠKODA vehicles each Simply Clever feature is there to make life easier and put the KODIAQ in a class of its own. The KODIAQ is yet another example of our philosophy – to build beautiful European vehicles packed with the latest technology safety and features whilst remaining incredible value for money. That’s Simply Clever. That’s ŠKODA. INTRODUCING THE NEW 7-SEATER ŠKODA KODIAQ 4X4

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Overseas model shown 4 Comfortable in any place and in all conditions the ŠKODA KODIAQ combines a robust body with impressive off-road capability. Its precise sharp lines are shaped by ŠKODA’s new design language for SUVs - making it distinctive yet timeless. Whether judged on its details or as a whole it’s clear that form and function are in perfect harmony. EXTERIOR DESIGN LED REAR LIGHTS The rear lights and indicators have LED technology as standard featuring ŠKODAs distinctive C-shape style making the KODIAQ stand out in any environment. FULL LED HEADLAMPS WITH ADAPTIVE FRONTLIGHT SYSTEM AND FOG LAMPS The LED headlamps offer high-performance and high-energy efficiency. The AFS Adaptive Frontlight System adjusts the lighting intensity to specific conditions e.g. city motorway or driving in the rain while the main headlamps boast an eye-catching integrated strip of LED daytime running lights. When in poor light the LED fog lamps can come to the rescue helping ensure your safety.

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5 REAR VIEW Looks good from any angle even from behind. The silver roof rails enhance the already captivating exterior while the vertical black extensions - which merge with the roof spoiler and border the rear window - improve aerodynamics. The LED rear lights penetrate deep into the fenders perfectly illuminating the car from the side. SIDE VIEW Get ready for lots of sideways looks. The sharp edges combined with smooth surfaces create unique conditions for the effective interplay of light and shadow. The square wheel arches and the protective sill makes this car equally at home on dirt roads or parked at the café strip. PANORAMIC SUNROOF° Welcome to blue sky thinking. The KODIAQ really evokes a feeling of freedom with its electrically- adjustable panoramic sunroof. °Optional extra.

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6 Design FIRST-CLASS TRAVEL Packed with technology to make your every day journeys more enjoyable and easy. The only thing not packed into the KODIAQs stylish interior are your passengers up to 7.

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SMARTLINK FEATURING APPLE CARPLAY® AND ANDROID AUTO™ Your car and smartphone are now in perfect sync. The SmartLink system delivers a seamless connection between your car and selected apps from your smartphone using Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ interfaces. Whether you want to select and listen to music on your smartphone or receive turn-by-turn directions selected apps are mirrored and can be controlled via the KODIAQs infotainment unit. SmartLink is compatible for selected apps with the latest smartphone versions of iOS and Android. Available with optional Tech Pack. COLUMBUS NAVIGATION The Columbus 3D navigation system features intuitive touch control on a 8"display providing the driver access to the vehicle set-up comfort options Bluetooth® SmartLink and much more. CANTON SOUND SYSTEM With ten speakers – including one in the dashboard – and a subwoofer in the luggage compartment the premium German Canton Sound System makes the KODIAQs audio experience as awesome as its drive. 7 Infotainment Overseas model shown. SmartLink featuring Apple CarPlay®

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ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL ACC ACC which is standard on the KODIAQ uses a radar device in the front grille in addition to its basic cruise control function. This assistant system maintains a safe distance from vehicles in front of you. When ACC is activated the vehicle automatically brakes and accelerates to a speed and distance set by the driver. FRONT ASSIST INCLUDING AUTONOMOUS BRAKING The Front Assist safety system which is standard across the KODIAQ range uses a radar device in the front grille monitoring the area in front of the car at speeds above 30km/h. Using predefined algorithms it decides whether these objects pose a potential risk of collision and alerts the driver if the distance to object is insufficient – initially with a tone and an alert on the multi-functional display followed by a warning jolt of the brakes. If the driver doesnt respond the car will brake itself – all the way to a standstill if needed helping to avoid a collision or reduce the severity of the accident. It can be turned off by the driver via the touchscreen. For vehicle speeds below 30km/h City Emergency Brake is designed to help a driver avoid a low-speed crash or to reduce its severity. Front Assist is standard on the KODIAQ. 8 Safety We’ve done everything to ensure that you arrive at your destination safely. The KODIAQ comes with plenty of assistants that help you react to various situations promptly. Some of the systems can even prevent an impending collision all by themselves. SURROUND AREA-VIEW + You have eyes in the back of your head. With cameras located in the grille external side- view mirrors and on the handle of the 5th door – with all pictures transmitted to the infotainment display – the driver sees everything outside the KODIAQ enabling you to react quickly to whatever comes your way. THERE’S ALWAYS HELP AT HAND + Available with Luxury Pack. Safety technologies are not a substitute for the drivers responsibility for the vehicle.

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BLIND SPOT DETECTION + Blind Spot Detection monitors the blind areas behind and beside the car. Based on the distance and speed of the surrounding vehicles it decides whether or not it should warn the driver. 9 Safety PARK ASSIST Minimise the hassle of parking in tight spots with Park Assist. With a press of the button the system will begin searching for a parking place in a row of parallel or perpendicularly parked vehicles. When parallel parking it only needs a space 60 cm longer than the car itself. The car will steer itself into the space while the driver controls the pedals. TRAFFIC JAM ASSIST + Always stay relaxed even when in a jam. By controlling the engine brakes and steering it makes the vehicle firstly pull away then brake and turn - copying the movements of the vehicles ahead works at speeds of up to 60 km/h. Available with Tech Pack. +Available with Luxury Pack. Safety technologies are not a substitute for the drivers responsibility for the vehicle. FATIGUE DETECTION This clever assistant system evaluates data from the power steering sensors to detect any driver fatigue behaviour. In such cases the High-Resolution Display warns the driver to take a break. LANE ASSIST + Lane assist always keeps you on the right track. Using a camera positioned within the rear-view mirror unit it actively recognises lane markings and takes corrective action by gently steering you back on course. REAR TRAFFIC ALERT + All clear in the rear. This assistant helps you reverse safely from a parking space during poor visibility. It can even engage the brakes automatically if it detects imminent danger.

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10 Safety KNEE AIRBAG This airbag which is located under the steering wheel column protects the driver’s knees and shins. FRONT DRIVER AND PASSENGER AIRBAGS We’re upfront about safety. While the driver’s airbag is enclosed in the steering wheel the passenger airbag is located in the dashboard. ALWAYS FEEL SAFE There’s safety in numbers. In extreme situations when the driver cannot actively influence the outcome the car’s passive safety elements take over. And with nine airbags as standard its no surprise the KODIAQ is awarded a 5 star ANCAP safety rating. Overseas model shown.

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11 Safety HEAD AIRBAGS Upon activation head airbags create a wall protecting the front and rear occupants against head injury. FRONT AND REAR SIDE AIRBAGS We’ve got you covered. These four airbags protect the pelvis and chest of the driver and other passengers in the event of a side collision. ELECTRIC CHILD SAFETY LOCK Just one push of a button and your child’s safety is assured. The electronically activated child safety locks will prevent them from opening the rear windows and doors and is controlled from the driver position.

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12 Performance ADAPTIVE CHASSIS CONTROL WITH DRIVING MODE SELECTION The adaptive chassis continuously evaluates and responds to various driving situations – braking acceleration turning – and adapts to the decreases in speed and steering characteristics. Using the infotainment menu you can select one of six modes – Normal Comfort Eco Sport Individual or Snow – tailored to your specific requirements. One press of a button and the KODIAQ will master any condition. Available with optional Tech Pack. PERFORMANCE Every family will have a different use for the KODIAQ from off-road expeditions to taking the troupe to ballet practice. No matter how you use it every KODIAQ offers a dynamic drive combined with excellent fuel economy.

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13 Performance DSG AND 4X4 The KODIAQ is equipped with a 7-speed Auto DSG Direct Shift Gearbox and four-wheel-drive. Fuel consumption figures according to Australia Design Rule ADR 81/02 derived from laboratory testing. Factors including but not limited to driving style road and traffic conditions environmental influences vehicle condition and accessories fitted will in practice in the real world lead to figures which generally differ from those advertised. Advertised figures are meant for comparison amongst vehicles only. PETROL ENGINE Its not often that you see turbocharged and efficient in the same engine summary. Our lighter cleaner more fuel-efficient engines include Volkswagen Groups impressive 2.0 litre 132Kw turbocharged petrol engine that offers fantastic torque yet remaining fuel efficient at 7.6L/100Km. This engine features technologies that are also making their debuts at ŠKODA such as the new B-cycle system. Available with optional Tech Pack. Overseas model shown. OFF-ROAD MODE A mode for all conditions. With the intelligent Off-Road-Mode system which operates at speeds of up to 30 km/h you can handle all terrains. It is designed to adjust the characteristics of the engine electronic assistants and stability control systems. These activated functions are shown on the infotainment display.

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14 Performance ALL-WHEEL DRIVE More x More. The 4x4 drive is provided by an inter-axle electronically-controlled multi-plate clutch. The coupling of the rear axle is automatic so that the car is constantly monitoring the traction on the road within less than a second it will engage 4x4 if necessary. ADAPTS TO ANY ENVIRONMENT The KODIAQ with 4x4 has an adventurous spirit. It relishes everything you throw at it whether that’s a corrigated country road or a track leading to an isolated beach.

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Design 16 Simply Clever DOOR EDGE PROTECTION Love thy neighbour. When opening all side doors plastic strips magically appear and cover the edges. It helps the KODIAQ protect itself against damage as well as being considerate to other cars. That’s why it’s perfect in tight parking spaces. Overseas model shown.

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17 Simply Clever KODIAQ MAKES LIFE EASY UMBRELLAS IN FRONT DOORS You’ll be singing in the rain. Clever compartments with two original ŠKODA umbrellas are fitted inside both front doors. They are designed to let water drain away from the car keeping the interior dry. TICKET HOLDER Keep parking inspectors on your side. When you need to display a parking ticket in a visible place the KODIAQ is equipped with a parking ticket holder under the windscreen. The KODIAQ was built with your real-life needs in mind. That’s why it comes with a multitude of Simply Clever features that are simply ingenious as they are intuitive. SUNGLASSES COMPARTMENT Look good while staying safe. Located above the interior rear- view mirror you’ll never have to take your eyes off the road when you need your sunglasses. Not available with optional panoramic roof. BOTTLE AND MOBILE PHONE HOLDERS We haven’t forgotten about the comfort of passengers in the third row of seats. They will appreciate the holders in the luggage compartment side cover.

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18 How big is your family With seven seats as standard the KODIAQ can transport up to seven people with ease and in maximum comfort. The elegant functional interior inspires confidence and evokes a peaceful ambience. Digital Voice Enhancement can transmit the driver’s and front passenger’s voice to the rear part of the car. All the better for safely chatting with family and friends on that trip away. SPACE TO SHARE

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19 Overseas model shown

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20 Simply Clever LUGGAGE WITHOUT THE BAGGAGE VIRTUAL PEDAL Your kids will ask for more magic tricks. Do you struggle to open or close the luggage compartment when your hands are full Just swipe your foot underneath and hey presto it will open for you automatically. The virtual pedal enables contact-free access. Available with optional Tech Pack. Load it up. A quick look behind the tailgate of the KODIAQ will impress you because it offers unrivalled boot capacity and exceptional variability. In addition we offer a range of Simply Clever details and solutions which you can choose according to your specific needs.

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21 Simply Clever ELECTRICALLY-CONTROLLED TAILGATE Open Sesame It opens with a simple touch of a button on either the remote control or in the driver’s door and closes via a button on the rear tailgate – this is especially handy during unfavourable weather. You can also adjust the upper door position to suit your needs. STORAGE SPACE When using the third row of seats you have to remove the luggage space cover. The double floor provides a special storage space for it so you don’t have to keep it in the garage or at home.

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22 Simply Clever CAPACITY If you don’t have your tribe in-tow you can create all the luggage space you need in the KODIAQ. Lay the third row of seats flat and you get 630 litres. Lay flat the second row as well and you get a massive 2005 litres. ROOM FOR EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING Overseas model shown.

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23 Simply Clever NET PROGRAMME Catch of the day. The net programme adds to the KODIAQ’s versatility. In the luggage space you will find anchor points for the net programme to help you keep everything tidy in the car and prevent luggage from shifting. CARGO ELEMENTS To avoid any undesired movement of luggage while driving these two plastic cargo elements with a Velcro fastener are ideal. They can be stowed away in the compartments behind the rear wheel arches when not in use. HOOKS You’ll be hooked as soon as you use them. Whether it’s a shopping trip or a trip away these handy hooks are great for hanging bags from and creating more space. Overseas model shown. LED FLASHLIGHT The path is always clear. A practical removable LED flashlight can be found on the left side of the luggage compartment. It recharges automatically while the engine is running.

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24 Comfort WITH 3-ZONE CLIMATRONIC+ EVERYONE’S COMFORTABLE Everyone’s in their comfort zone in the KODIAQ. Equipped with three zone air- conditioning and humidity control the system allows the driver and front seat passenger to set different temperatures for optimal comfort while the humidity sensor directs air flow as required keeping the windscreen fog-free. KEYLESS ENTRY START AND EXIT SYSTEM KESSY We have the keys to your start. Standard in the KODIAQ is KESSY. It allows the driver to lock and unlock the car and start and stop the engine without having to insert or even handle the key. STEERING WHEEL You’ll never want to take your hands off the wheel again. The 3-spoke flat- bottom multifunctional leather steering wheel allows you to control the radio phone and driver assist systems. +Available with optional Luxury Pack. COMFORTABLE ANYWHERE No trip is ever ‘ordinary’ in the KODIAQ. Cocoon yourself in luxury no matter where you’re going – whether that’s a quick trip to the shops or on a grand adventure. ROLLER BLINDS FOR THE REAR SIDE WINDOWS The Australian sun can be harsh. Mechanical roller blinds let passengers control how much sun they want.

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AMBIENT LIGHTING Its up to you to choose one favourite colour or to complement each day with a different tone. There are ten colour options to choose from. The LED ambient lighting located above the glossy black door decors. Green ambient lighting 25 ENVIRONMENTAL LIGHTS The Environmental lights with LEDs are designed to illuminate the entry area. Theyre located on the external side mirrors. TABLET HOLDER Nobody is just a passenger. Driving the KODIAQ is the fun part but those in the back can enjoy the journey just as much. The tablet holders enables you to securely fit a tablet or even a mobile phone to the front seat headrest. Overseas model shown

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26 Customisation UPHOLSTERY Black Alcantara® Standard Beige perforated leather Available with Luxury Pack Black perforated leather Available with Luxury Pack WHEELS Standard Alloy wheels 19" TRIGLAV Optional Accessory Alloy wheels 19" Anthracite TRIGLAV Leather appointed seat upholstery have a combination of genuine and artificial leather but are not wholly leather.

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27 Customisation MAGIC BLACK PEARL COLOURS MAGNETIC BROWN METALLIC MOON WHITE METALLIC QUARTZ GREY METALLIC LAVA BLUE METALLIC BRILLANT SILVER METALLIC CANDY WHITE Please note that Metallic and Pearl Effect paint are optional at extra cost. The print process does not allow for exact reproduction of the exterior or the upholstery colours. Please contact your ŠKODA Partner for further information on colours and upholstery combinations.

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28 PLASTIC BOOT DISH WITH AN ALUMINIUM DIVIDER ENHANCE YOUR ADVENTURE Get ready to explore re-discover and reconnect. All you need is to adapt the car to the specific wants and needs of your family. ŠKODA Genuine Accessories which can increase the safety practicality and charm of your car are the best solution. To see our complete offer contact your nearest authorised ŠKODA partner. DOG SAFETY BELT FOLD-OUT BOOT MAT WITH COVER FRONT REAR MUD FLAPS Overseas model shown

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29 Accessories BICYCLE CARRIER FOR A TOW BAR ROOF RACKS WITH A SKI OR SNOWBOARD CARRIER ROOF RACKS WITH A BICYCLE CARRIER ROOF RACKS WITH A LUGGAE BOX 380L Capacity Please note that the above accessories may have an effect on fuel efficiency. Items such as sports equipment are for illustration purposes only and are not available for purchase from ŠKODA Australia or its dealers. Overseas models are shown for illustrative purposes only.

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MERCHANDISE Subject to availability

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Model Equipment KODIAQ 4x4 SAFETY AND SECURITY Front Assist with City Emergency Brake  Electronic Stability Control ESC incl. Hill Hold Control  Anti-lock Braking System ABS  Anti-slip Regulation ASR  Electronic Diferential Lock EDL  Engine T orque Control MSR  Hydrualic Brake Assist HBA  Driver Steering Recommendation DSR  Rain Braking System RBS  Multi-collision Braking MKB  Rear View Camera  Front and rear parking sensors  9 Airbags:  - Driver and front passenger airbags  - Driver and front passenger side airbags  - Curtain airbags - front and rear  - Drivers knee airbag  - Rear side airbags  Emergency fuel supply cut-of  Automatic fashing brake lights activated in emergency braking situation  Electronic engine immobiliser  Tyre pressure monitoring system  Passenger Protect Assist  Driver Fatigue Detection  LED Daytime Running Lights  Front LED fog lights with cornering function  Rear LED fog light  LED brake light  Activation of warning lights on impact in collision  Height-adjustable three-point seat belts with pretensioners front and second row  Height-adjustable front headrests with WOKS whiplash optimised head restraints  Seat belt reminder 7 seats  Isofx child seat anchorage points outer rear seats middle row  3 child seat anchorage points behind middle row  Automatic unlocking of central locking after crash  Door-edge protection door-edge protection that deploys automatically on open  Alarm with interior monitoring back-up siren inclination sensor and SAFE system  Electronically activated Child Safety Locks from driver position for rear doors and windows  Light Assist Coming Home Leaving Home Tunnel Light Day Light  Rain Sensor  KODIAQ MODEL EQUIPMENT  standard Safety technologies are not a substitute for the drivers responsibility of the vehicle. 32

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Model Equipment KODIAQ 4x4 FUNCTION AND STORAGE T ailgate with electric opening and closing height programmable  Electric park brake with Auto Hold function  3-spoke multifunctional fat-bottom chrome-decorated leather steering wheel radio and telephone controls height and reach adjustable  Multi-function trip computer with high resolution colour display including trip time trip length average and current speed average and current fuel consumption distance until empty oil temperature and outside temperature indicator vehicle status audio and telephone  2 T ablet Holders for rear passangers  Waste Bin in door panel  Ticket holder on A pillar  Front and rear carpet foor mats  12V socket in luggage compartment  12V socket in the center console for rear seat passengers and for third row seats  Illuminated and air conditioned glove box  Front cup holders with base grip bottle opener Easy Open  Front armrest with storage compartment  Sunglasses holder not ftted with glass panormaic roof  1.5L Bottle storage compartment in front door panelling  1L bottle storage compartment in rear door panelling  Storage compartment in front of gear stick – illuminated AUX input USB and 12V socket  Storage compartment in upper part of dashboard by front passenger above glove box  Storage pocket under steering wheel  Storage pockets on back rests of front seats  Front aero wipers with wash/wipe function  Rear aero wipers with wash/wipe function  Preparation for tow bar  Space saving spare wheel  Cargo Elements  Net system in luggage compartment 3 nets  Two folding hooks in luggage compartment  Split folding second row seat backrest 60:40 with remote release from luggage compartment  Split folding third row seat backrest 50:50  Horizontally moveable second row seats  Adjustable second row seating for easy entry of third row passengers Easy Entry Function  Illuminated make-up mirrors in sunblinds with LED lighting  2 umbrellas within the front doors  KODIAQ MODEL EQUIPMENT  standard Safety technologies are not a substitute for the drivers responsibility of the vehicle. 33

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KODIAQ 4x4 COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE 8" Columbus high resolution Glass design infotainment system with navigation including SmartLink smartphone connectivity with Apple Carplay® and Andorid Auto™ Bluetooth® with voice control audio and streaming USB AUX and 2× SD card slot  Adaptive Cruise Control ACC  Advanced Keyless Entry including Smart Start KESSY  Climatronic - dual-zone air conditioning with electronic regulation combiflter allergen flter automatic air recirculation and humidity sensor  Front and rear LED reading lights  Height-adjustable driver seat  Height-adujustable passenger seat  Clothes Hooks on B pillars  Electric panoramic sunroof  Privacy Glass  Mechanical sunblinds for rear windows  Foot space ambient lighting front and rear  Automatically dimming rear view mirror  Integrated LED torch in the luggage compartment  DESIGN Alcantara® leather appointed seat upholstery  Full LED headlamps with AFS Adaptive Frontlight system  LED Interior Ambient lighting  Integrated LED indicators in side mirrors  Decorative front and rear door sill trims  Chrome plated radiator grille frame  Chrome plated window frames  Rear number plate LED lights  Silver roof rails  Rough road package rear chassis protection  Triglav polished alloy wheels 7Jx19"  Triglav anthracite alloy wheels 7Jx19" A Model Equipment KODIAQ MODEL EQUIPMENT  standard A Accessories Safety technologies are not a substitute for the drivers responsibility of the vehicle. Leather appointed seat upholstery have a combination of genuine and artifcial leather but are not wholly leather. 34

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KODIAQ 4x4 OPTIONAL PACKAGES TECH PACK Adaptive Chassis Control with Driving Mode Selection P Virtual pedal - hands-free electric tailgate opening P Premium German Soundsystem CANTON 10 speakers digital equalizer P Automatic Parking Assist P Manoeuvre Braking Assist P Personalisation vehicle setup via key P Of road mode – driving assistant for difcult conditions P LUXURY PACK Electrically adjustable front seats with memory function P Lane Assist P Side Assist - Blind Spot Detection P Perforated leather appointed seat upholstery black or beige P Front Ventilated seats P Surround Area View P Front and rear heated seats P 3 zone air-conditioning P Trafc Jam Assist P Emergency Assist P Rear Trafc Alert P Auto dimming side mirrors with memory function P Model Equipment KODIAQ MODEL EQUIPMENT  standard P included in the package Safety technologies are not a substitute for the drivers responsibility of the vehicle. 35

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36 Technical Specifications KODIAQ 4x4 Turbocharged petrol engine ENGINE Cylinders/Displacement cm3 4/1984 Max. engine performance/revs kW at rpm 132/3900-6000 Max. torque/revs Nm at rpm 320/1400-3940 Fuel quality Unleaded Petrol min RON 95 PERFORMANCE Maximum speed km/h 205 Acceleration 0–100 km/h s 8.2 FUEL CONSUMPTION - combined 7.6 - urban 9.3 - extra urban 6.6 TRANSMISSION Driven wheels 4x4 Clutch Two coaxial wet multiple-disk clutch electro-hydraulically operated Transmission DSG 7-speed with tiptronic manual gear changing WEIGHT T are Mass kg 1677 Max. roof load kg 75 Max. trailer load w/o brakes 750 Max. trailer load with brakes kg 2000 Max. downball weight kg 80 BODY Drag coefcient Cd 0.336 Please note figures are sourced from overseas data where equipment levels by model variant may vary. Fuel consumption figures according to Australia Design Rule ADR 81/02 derived from laboratory testing. Factors including but not limited to driving style road and traffic conditions environmental influences vehicle condition and accessories fitted will in practice in the real world lead to figures which generally differ from those advertised. Advertised figures are meant for comparison amongst vehicles only. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS KODIAQ

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KODIAQ DIMENSIONS 1015 905 1020 1009 4697 2791 898 19.1° 15.3° 270 l 477 1511 1270 1381 1527 1586 2087 1676 1576 1882 37 Technical Specifications KODIAQ 4x4 CHASSIS Front axle MacPherson suspension with lower triangular links and torsion stabiliser Rear axle Four link axle with one longitudinal three transverse links and torsion stabiliser Braking system Dual Hydrualic diagonal circuit braking system with vacuum assistance Brake - front Disc brakes with inner cooling with single/piston foating caliper Brake - rear Disc brakes with single piston caliper and electromechnical parking brake. Steering system Direct rack-and-pinion steering with electro mechanic power steering Wheels 7Jx19 Tyres 235/50 R19 TANK CAPACITY L 60 OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS Length mm 4697 Width mm 1882 Height mm 1655 1676 incl. roof rails Wheelbase mm 2791 Running clearance mm 187 Track front/rear mm 1580/1570 INSIDE DIMENSIONS Width - front row/middle row/ third row 1527/1510/1270 Headroom - front/middle row/third row 1020/1015/905 OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS Storage capacity behind 3rd row of seats up to headrests boot cover is stored under the boot foor 270 Storage capacity up to the rear shelf with 3rd row of seats folded down depending on position of backrest and depending on the position of adjustable 2nd row of seats 630 Storage capacity with all rear seats folded down up to the roof 2005 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS KODIAQ

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38 WELCOME TO CARE-FREE OWNERSHIP ŠKODA Care is about making sure that same level of attention to detail remains long after you’ve made your purchase making owning a ŠKODA as fantastic as buying one. After getting behind the wheel of a ŠKODA it’s not hard to see why they’re so beloved by their owners. Quite simply ŠKODA vehicles are made to be driven and we want to keep your journey a long and happy one. And the way it works is simple. ŠKODA Australia provides a 5 Year/Unlimited Kilometre Warranty across the entire range. Conditions and exclusions apply. Every new ŠKODA vehicle includes a complimentary one year roadside assistance from the warranty start date. The complimentary roadside assistance will subsequently be renewed on an annual basis for the second third fourth and fifth years if the vehicle is returned to an Authorised ŠKODA dealer for scheduled maintenance as per the ŠKODA service program up to a maximum of five years. Buying a car is one thing but owing a car is something else entirely. We’re sure you’ll want to know the costs of any service before you book it in. The cogs in our heads have been turning and we’ve come up with a solution we think is pretty clever. Our handy online service calculator can help you find the cost of your next service scheduled to occur every 12 months/15000 kms whichever occurs first. No hidden expenses no nasty surprises. You don’t have to be a genius AKA a ŠKODA technician to know that non-genuine parts aren’t as good as using genuine ones. Our philosophy towards fixing your car is simple the parts we use are identical to the parts used in the production of your car originally. Genuinely. And with a nationwide two year unlimited kilometre warranty on all genuine parts peace of mind comes easily too. Exclusions apply please visit Why worry about handling the payment of your services on an ad-hoc basis when you already know you need to get them annually Conveniently you can save time by pre-paying your servicing with a 3 Year/45 000km or a 5 year/75 000km ŠKODA Service Pack at any of our ŠKODA dealers. That way you can simply book a service time that suits you and the costs are already covered. Your car serviced at your convenience. Every Calendar Year ŠKODA Service Pricing Genuine Parts Service Packs 5 Year Warranty consists of 3 Year Factory Warranty and 2 Year Factory Extended Warranty. 5 Year/Unlimited Kilometre Warranty is available with private general fleet and government vehicles only. Excludes rental vehicles hire cars taxis courier vehicles driving school vehicles security vehicles bus and tour vehicles which are subject to a 5 Year/150000 Kilometre Warranty whichever occurs first. Your rights under this warranty sit alongside the consumer guarantees under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 which cannot be excluded. ŠKODA Service Pack covers standard items as contained in each scheduled service interval only. Exclusions apply. For full terms and conditions please visit

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39 ŠKODA CHOICE: PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT Enjoy a flexible finance solution that provides you with the assurance of knowing exactly what the minimum value 2 of your vehicle will be at the end of your term. ✔ Peace of mind knowing the minimum future value of your ŠKODA right from the start so you know it will retain its value over time 1 ✔ Personally tailored solutions based on your term and kilometre usage ✔ Opportunity to upgrade your ŠKODA to the latest model more often enjoying the best innovations and new technologies For more information on our Guaranteed Future Value program visit At the end of your term you can simply choose to: If you wish to trade-in your ŠKODA for a new vehicle all you need to do is return it to the dealership. If the trade-in value is higher than the Guaranteed Future Value you can use this equity towards your new vehicle. TRADE-IN If you prefer to retain your ŠKODA simply let us know. Provided that you also meet the relevant payment obligations under your contract if we agree you can purchase your vehicle outright for the Guaranteed Future Value price locked in at the start of the contract2. Then your ŠKODA is yours to keep or you can choose to refinance your residual at the end of the term. RETAIN Simply return your vehicle to your ŠKODA dealership at the end of the term. If the vehicle meets the agreed requirements2 we will give you the benefit of the full Guaranteed Future Value amount. RETURN At the end of your chosen term Select your preferred ŠKODA Trade-in ur eisting veice an urcase a ne Š KODA uner te Š KODA ice Prgra Return an te veice ack an receive te Guarantee uture aue Retain ake an er t urcasereinance te veice Return Retain Trade-in 1 The ŠKODA Choice Program consists of an option to require ŠKODA Financial Services to purchase your vehicle at the end of your ŠKODA Financial Services Chattel Mortgage or Consumer Loan for a value known as the Guaranteed Future Value determined by ŠKODA Financial Services and set out in your contract. The Guaranteed Future Value is not a representation by ŠKODA Financial Services as to the likely market value of your vehicle as at the end of your contract. The option is available on new and demonstrator ŠKODA vehicles for selected models only. Please verify with your dealership vehicles that are eligible for the program. 2 If vehicles are not returned in an acceptable condition as defined in the terms and conditions or exceed kilometre restrictions the Guaranteed Future Value will be reduced. See the ŠKODA Choice Fair Wear and T ear Guide for more information on the required conditions and circumstances. The cost of the ŠKODA Choice Program is incorporated into the applicable interest rate. Please read the full terms and conditions. Please consider whether these products and services are appropriate for your circumstances. Before acting on any of the information on this page please seek independent financial and tax advice. Full terms and conditions are available upon application. Available only to approved applicants of ŠKODA Financial Services. Subject to credit assessment. Fees and charges apply. Fleet government rental buyers hire car and chauffeur companies are excluded. Available at participating ŠKODA dealers. ŠKODA Financial Services is a trading name of Volkswagen Financial Services Australia Pty Limited ABN 20 097 071 460. Australian Credit Licence 389344.

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40 IF YOU’VE ENJOYED READING ABOUT IT ― IMAGINE DRIVING IT CALL US TO ARRANGE A TEST DRIVE SKOKODBROMY17 Your ŠKODA partner: skodaaustralia Publication date: April 2017 Apple CarPlay® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. Android Auto™ is a registered trademark of Google Inc. Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG Inc. ŠKODA is distributed by Volkswagen Group Australia Pty Ltd trading as ŠKODA Australia 24 Muir Road Chullora NSW 2190. ABN 14 093 117 876. Specifications are as planned at April 2017 for Model Year 2017 and are subject to change without notice or obligation. All information in this brochure is correct at the time of publication however variations may occur from time to time and ŠKODA in so far as it is permitted by law to do so shall not be liable in any way as a result of any reliance by any person on anything contained in this brochure. Authorised ŠKODA dealers will provide up-to-date information on model application design feature prices and availability on request. All colours are a general guide only as the printing process cannot reproduce the actual exterior colour appearance. See your ŠKODA dealer to confirm colour/model availability.

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