A Step towards Waste Management

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One of the most important issues faced by the generation is Waste Management. Make use of the skip to make your environment neat and clean.


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Waste Management:

Waste Management

What is Waste?:

What is Waste? A unwanted or unusable material, substances, or products is known as waste.

Types of Waste:

Types of Waste Bio-degradable Non-bio degradable


Bio-Degradable Biodegradable waste are those which can be decomped by micro-organisms into simpler substances. Example : Agriculture Peels of Fruits & Vegetables Paper


Non-Biodegradable Non biodegradable waste are those which cannot be decomped by micro-organisms. Example : Polythene bags Plastics Metals Pesticides

Source of Waste:

Source of Waste Residential Institutional Industrial


Construction Municipal services Agriculture

How to regulate Waste management:

How to regulate Waste management Waste management is all the activities and actions required to manage waste Reduce Recycle and Reuse

Effects of Waste Management:

Effects of Waste Management Health Climate change Disturb Coastal and Marine Environment


Conclusion Say no to w aste Don’t forget t o u se t he skip/bin & Win the war against waste

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