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Improve your skills with SkillsFuture movement in Singapore SkillsFuture in Singapore is national movement which is launched to enable all the citizens of Singapore to improve their potential and skills to the fullest. Their brushed up skills will help in providing better business in Singapore and in turn will increase its economy. It is also launched with an aim to eradicate unemployment mainly among the people of age 25-30. Though this program is for people of all ages this is supposed to bring a feeling of integration between the citizens as they all will work for betterment of their country. We all are well aware of the fact that any country cannot develop without its citizens contribution. Thus this program is launched with the aim that every Singaporean whether educated or not can give its share in development of the nation through his/her skill. In order to polish their potential and skills this movement of SkillsFutre is launched in Singapore. This program is supposed to broaden the horizon of personal skills as well as opportunities outside their interest area. SkillsFuture Credit - Under this scheme the government has initially decided to give 500 dollars as credit and it may improve in near future with the need. SkillsFuture Earn and Learn program - Earn and Learn program under SkillsFuture is launched for fresh graduates of any field. It is supposed to give a head-start to their career. It gives them an opportunity to make their potential and skills more pronounced and good. It will help them in transition to workforce. It will also manage them to learn about the dos and don’ts of the job sector. Learn and earn program is launched in collaboration with the industries in order to ensure the job to the fresher. Key features of SkillsFutre - 1 The participants will be matched to suitable employer according to their field of study. 2 The participants will undergo structured job training and an excellent mentorship. 3 Each participant will be provided a mentor whose work will be pointing out his/her flaws and correcting it. In turn the mentor would help the participant to blossom to the fullest. 4 And most important of all that it will create a pathway for structured job for a better future. Following are examples of courses available under SkillsFuture -

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1 Culinary Course - This course will include teaching of making western cuisine. Course medium will be English. People who want go in food hospitality or cooking industry can opt for this course. The best part is that there is no dress code and one wear whatever they want according to their comfort zone. 2 Bread Making Singapore Course - The people interested in baking industry can join this course. It is in 100 English medium. 3 Barista Course Singapore - People interested in opening cafeteria can opt for this course. People will be given training for making Barista coffee tea etc . 4 Fresh flower hand bouquet etc. "Thus this program of SkillsFuture will for sure revolutionaries the economy of Singapore with the help of all its citizens." Further More at: Source URL: for-your-self-development/ Tags: SkillsFuture in Singapore SkillsFuture Courses Singapore How to Make Bread Singapore Bread Making Singapore Cooking Classes in Singapore Baking Courses in Singapore Adult Learning Singapore Barista Course Singapore Replica for Culinary Schools Singapore Culinary Schools in Singapore

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