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Are you looking for cheap removalist service in Sydney for relocating your home or office? We at Six Brothers Removalists ensure that your belongings are packed securely and reach to your destination safely. We provide many services like furniture removal, two man and a truck, man with a man etc. Visit, for more details.


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Six Brothers Removalists:

Six Brothers Removalists Call for your obligation free quote 1300 764 372

Get the Bigger Items Done First:

Get the Bigger Items Done First It is recommended to get the larger items like bulky furniture and heavy weight household appliances placed first to add flexibility to the process of small space relocation. This useful trick of space maximisation also helps in efficient unpacking and arrangement of smaller items.

Label Moving Boxes:

Label Moving Boxes Label each box with a marker to enjoy a safe and hassle-free move. Make sure to label the charger of your laptop, tablet, speakers and mobile phone separately to avoid a hard time searching for them in your new house.

Hire a Removalist:

Hire a Removalist To experience a smooth unpacking and moving-in process, you can hire a professional mover. Professional movers are trained to lift heavy-duty items, handle lifting equipment and use transportation trolleys. They can even move your fragile and bulky items to your new home in one piece with effective packing methods.

Overpacking Boxes:

Overpacking Boxes It is recommended to pack heavier items into smaller boxes. This trick will help ease transportation of heavy loads without throwing your back out. On the other hand, lighter objects need to be packed in larger boxes. Using socks to fill in gaps between items is another safety packing measure. Wrap bowls in towels to get them transported to a new place in one piece. To avoid tearing up of boxes during a move, make sure not to over pack them with your belongings.

Contact Us:

Contact Us Six Brothers Removalist Suite 1 level 5, 58-60 Macquarie Street, Parramatta, NSW 2150, Australia 1300 764 372 [email protected]

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