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George A. Custer : 

George A. Custer By: Nam Nguyen, period 3 Also known as: The man in command at Custer’s Last Stand

Early Life : 

Early Life Son of Emanuel Henry Custer and Marie Ward Kirkpatrick Born in New Rumley, Ohio on December 5, 1839 George was sent to live with his half sister and brother in law in Monroe, Michigan at a young age Graduated from McNeely Normal School in Monroe in 1856 After graduating, he moved back to Ohio where he taught school in Cadiz

West Point : 

West Point In 1857, he enrolled in West Point Pulled many pranks on classmates Had near expulsions for excessive misconducts Graduate in June 1861, he finished last in his class Days after graduation, while he was on duty as an officer-of-the-guard, Custer failed to stop two cadets from fighting and he was court martialed He was saved because of the outbreak of the Civil War and need of officers

Civil War : 

Civil War First battle of the Civil War for George Custer is the Battle of Bull Run (Manassas) Was a runner between General Winfield Scott and General McDowell He was later reassigned to the 5th cavalry and sent to the south to aid General McClellan in the Peninsular Campaign as a captain At the Peninsular Campaign, Custer attacked a confederate outpost of 50 soldiers and sent them running When McClellan was removed from duty, Custer joined General Pleasonton In 1863, Custer would be named as brigadier-general by General Pleasonton

Civil War contd. : 

Civil War contd. Custer fought in the Battle of Gettysburg with Brigadier General Greggs against Major General Stuarts Custer led a charge of the 1st Michigan that stopped the Confederate attack (won) Participated in Lt. General Grant in the Overland Campaign which took action at Wilderness, Yellow Tavern, and Trevilian Station In 1867 he would receive court martialed for “absence without leave from his command,” and “conduct prejudicial to good order and military discipline” and was suspended for one year After suspension, went west with General Sheridan to stop Lt. General Early at Shenandoah valley (won) At the Appomattox Courthouse, Custer blocked Robert E. Lee and his army the Northern Virginia and were the 1st to receive a flag of truce from the confederates

Custer’s Last Stand : 

Custer’s Last Stand 1873, Custer relocated to the Dakota territory to fight the Sioux Indians June 25, 1876 Custer thought he saw small army of Indians and split his army in 3 part to attack without waiting for General Terry Custer did not encounter a small number of Indians but a full force of Sioux Indians and its allies Custer and his army was able to hold until General Terry arrive but this would not help in the fighting Sioux Indians led by Sitting Bull slaughtered Custer and Terry’s men Known as the Battle of Little Big Horn and Custer’s Last Stand

Accomplishment : 

Accomplishment Received the flag of truce from the confederates In 1879, a statue of Custer was placed at West Point Married Elizabeth Clift Bacon in February 1864 His body is buried at West Point Fought in the First Battle of Bull Run as a member of General McClellan’s staff

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