First Google Phone


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First Google Phone

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The company behind the world's most popular search engine is moving into the hardware arena for the first time, privately testing a Google-branded smart phone that may prove to be stiff competition for the same phone manufacturers that initially partnered with Google to release phones.

Your first look at HTC's "Magic". The next generation of the Google Phone.:

Your first look at HTC's "Magic". The next generation of the Google Phone.

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Apparently there's been a new software update for the device, and sure enough the phone is identified as the Nexus One. Quite clearly this device is running on T-Mobile, and is also using WiFi , the Nexus does look incredibly thin and sleek, and while there's not a slew of buttons (those four up front are clearly touch sensitive), there is a dedicated volume rocker along the side. Google employees are already using the devices in there hand.

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Google “Nexus One “the new iPhone