Internet History and Growth


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Internet History and Growth:

Internet History and Growth

What Was the “Victorian Internet”?:

What Was the “Victorian Internet”?

What Was the “Victorian Internet”:

What Was the “Victorian Internet” The Telegraph Invented in the 1840s. Signals sent over wires that were established over vast distances Used extensively by the U.S. Government during the American Civil War, 1861 - 1865 Morse Code was dots and dashes, or short signals and long signals The electronic signal standard of +/- 15 v. is still used in network interface cards today.

What Is the Internet?:

What Is the Internet? A network of networks, joining many government, university and private computers together and providing an infrastructure for the use of E-mail, bulletin boards, file archives, hypertext documents, databases and other computational resources The vast collection of computer networks which form and act as a single huge network for transport of data and messages across distances which can be anywhere from the same office to anywhere in the world. Written by William F. Slater, III 1996 President of the Chicago Chapter of the Internet Society Copyright 2002, William F. Slater, III, Chicago, IL, USA

Brief History of the Internet:

Brief History of the Internet 1968 - DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) contracts with BBN (Bolt, Beranek & Newman) to create ARPAnet 1970 - First five nodes: UCLA Stanford UC Santa Barbara U of Utah, and BBN 1974 - TCP specification by Vint Cerf 1984 – On January 1, the Internet with its 1000 hosts converts en masse to using TCP/IP for its messaging

*** Internet History ***:

*** Internet History ***

The Creation of the Internet:

The Creation of the Internet The creation of the Internet solved the following challenges: Basically inventing digital networking as we know it Survivability of an infrastructure to send / receive high-speed electronic messages Reliability of computer messaging Copyright 2002, William F. Slater, III, Chicago, IL, USA

Internet Growth Trends:

Internet Growth Trends

Internet Growth Trends:

Internet Growth Trends 1977: 111 hosts on Internet 1981: 213 hosts 1983: 562 hosts 1984: 1,000 hosts 1986: 5,000 hosts 1987: 10,000 hosts 1989: 100,000 hosts 1992: 1,000,000 hosts 2001: 150 – 175 million hosts 2002: over 200 million hosts By 2010, about 80% of the planet will be on the Internet

Statistics from the IITF Report The Emerging Digital Economy *:

Statistics from the IITF Report The Emerging Digital Economy * To get a market of 50 Million People Participating: Radio took 38 years TV took 13 years Once it was open to the General Public, The Internet made to the 50 million person audience mark in just 4 years!!! Released on April 15, 1998 * Delivered to the President and the U.S. Public on April 15, 1998 by Bill Daley, Secretary of Commerce and Chairman of the Information Infrastructure Task Force

Tribute to the Internet Pioneers:

Tribute to the Internet Pioneers The Internet we know and love today, would not exist without the hard work of a lot of bright people. The technologies and standards they created make today’s Internet and World Wide Web possible. They deserve recognition and our gratitude for changing the world with the Internet. In this presentation, we will identify and pay tribute to several of the people who made the Internet and the World Wide Web possible


Conclusion The Internet (and World Wide Web) was have today was created by some very bright, talented people who either had vision, or were inspired by other talented people’s visions. Though their ideas were not always popular, they pressed ahead. Their perseverance and hard work brought us to where we are today. There is a lot to be learned by studying these people, their early work and keeping in mind what they had to work with. Today, we owe a great deal for the wired world we enjoy, to the hard work of these people.

Sources of Statistical Information:

Sources of Statistical Information – from Telcordia CAIDA Network Wizards Internet Domain Survey RIPE Internet Statistics Matrix Information and Directory Services Growth of the World Wide Web The Netcraft Web Server Survey Internet Surveys The Internet Society