Questionnaire Results – Older Adults (50+ years)

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Questionnaire Results – Older Adults (50+ years):

Questionnaire Results – Older Adults (50+ years) By Megan Gowman

Question 1:

Question 1

Question 2:

Question 2

Question 3:

Question 3

Question 4:

Question 4

Question 5:

Question 5

Question 6:

Question 6

Question 7:

Question 7

Question 8:

Question 8

Question 9:

Question 9


Conclusion These results were collected after surveying older adults aged 50 or over. As you can see from the above charts, most enjoy listening to classical music with music videos which focus on the band/artist performing to a crowd. The results also show that a majority of the people questioned prefer to watch videos on social networking sites such as Facebook instead of watching them on the TV. This being said, most of them also believe that the music video doesn’t have any impact on whether they like a song or not. I conclusion, these people would not be our target audience because they do not like our genre of music and are not in the correct age range for our band.

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