Questionnaire Results (13-17 years)

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Questionnaire Results – Teens (13-17 years):

Questionnaire Results – Teens (13-17 years ) By Megan Gowman

Question 1:

Question 1

Question 2:

Question 2

Question 3:

Question 3

Question 4:

Question 4

Question 5:

Question 5

Question 6:

Question 6

Question 7:

Question 7

Question 8:

Question 8

Question 9:

Question 9


Conclusion From these results, we can see that teenage males and females prefer pop music videos which has a mixture of performance and narrative features. They would want to be able to view the music video online as they mostly watch music videos through social networking and video sharing sites. The band should be made up of male members and should be seen as ‘rebellious’ in a school environment. From these results, we have come to the conclusion that teenagers are our target audience. Since the music video they liked the most was McFly’s Five Colours In Her Hair so the best options for our music videos would be another one of McFly’s songs.

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