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South India Pest Control offers all kinds of pest control services in Bangalore & across India & also providing Residential & commercial pest control services


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About Us The South India Group of Companies is the outcome of earnest hard work; acquired knowledge and innovative ideology of a consortium of Agricultural technocrats under the stewardship of Mr.Baskar, the Founder Chairman and Managing Director of South India Pest Control Pvt. Ltd. (SIPC) and South India Facility Management Services (P) Limited (SIFMS). The visionary management has rightly foresighted the importance of service sector business and its perspective in India during late 1990’s and established this group of companies during 2002. © Copyright 2016 SouthIndiagroup | All Rights Reserved

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Our Mission SIGC is in the mission of providing global standards in pest control and facility management services to all range of clients in India and has spread across 13 major cities of South India viz., Bengaluru, Mysore, Hyderabad, Vizag, Vijayawada, Chennai, Madurai, Pondicherry, Ooty, Coimbatore, Cochin, Trivandrum, Goa. Our Vision SIGC is looking to set new global standards in providing all sort of facility management services at affordable cost by developing innovative pro-environmental superior technologies. Every dwelling is entitled to get facility management services to improve quality of living and to have quality time in their family and business. We wish to equip ourselves to serve every dwelling in the Globe. © Copyright 2016 SouthIndiagroup | All Rights Reserved

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Our Services Pest Control Services Facility Management Services Landscape Gardening Pest Control Services © Copyright 2016 SouthIndiagroup | All Rights Reserved The  South India Pest Control Pvt.Ltd  established in the year 2002 was acquired by the  South India Group of Companies  during 2006 and renamed as South (India) Pest Control Private Limited with a mission of bringing in the world class pest control services which meet  World Health Organization (WHO)  and  Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO)  standards at affordable cost in India. Our pest control technologies excel others because of precise pest prey techniques and state of art technologies adopted with cognizant of ecology where we live. SIPC is based in Bangalore having branch offices all over India. A consortium of agricultural graduates specialized in Entomology and pest control shouldering the success of SIPC. We are recognized by the Indian Pest Control Association and National Pest Management Association as members and empowered with ISO certification for quality management system

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© Copyright 2016 SouthIndiagroup | All Rights Reserved Why SIPC ? SIPC is a member of Indian Pest Control Association and National Pest Management Association and empowered with  ISO certification  for quality management system. SIPC follows guidelines to pest control benchmarked by global organizations like  WHO ,  FAO Our pest control approaches are the best as they include State of the art technology inputs. Integrated vector management (IVM) practices. Evidence-based decision-making system to diagnose pest problems precisely. Life-cycle management of insects. Engaging professional pest control operators and technically sound managers to run the business. Use of recognized and registered public health pesticide . Good management practices. Quick and timely service as requested by the customers.

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© Copyright 2016 SouthIndiagroup | All Rights Reserved Flexible service as fitting to the customer requirement. Non-hazardous , odourless , eco-friendly techniques. 24 x 7 customer care. Maximum efficiency of precision techniques in pest control and larger area of our business operation makes us possible to offer the best quality service at affordable cost. Our Advanced Pest Control Services Cockroach SIPC Gel treatment SIPC Odorless Disinfestations Spray Treatment IPM for Mosquitoes Rodo Kill Treatment Term X Pre Anti-Termite Treatment Bed Bugs Eradication Treatment

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© Copyright 2016 SouthIndiagroup | All Rights Reserved SIPC Gel treatment SIPC Gel Treatment is the best solution for cockroach control. A new generation low dose technology molecule Fipronil 0.05 % in gel food attractant carrier is used. SIPC Gel is applied in infected areas as dots in cockroach movement areas like wall corners, cracks and crevices in kitchen, bathroom, store room, shelves and wardrobes. This odorless, harmless gel can be applied at any time of a day without causing disturbances to routine work. Cleaning or washing the premises is not needed after this service. As this gel is attractive food stuff for cockroach single bite by one cockroach will be shared by 40 cockroaches. By this cascading effect one dot of gel can kill up to 40 cockroaches. SIPC Odorless Disinfestations Spray Treatment The best option to control household crawling insect pest is to go for SIPC odorless disinfestations spray treatment. It is harmless, safe, reliable, low dose technology with advanced and approved chemicals. It is applied by trained pesticide operators in SIPC. It must be sprayed on monthly basis. This is an effective measure against all household pests such as cockroaches, ants, spiders, silverfish and other seasonal pests like millipedes, etc. Disinfestations spray is applied in all rooms over wall, shelf, ceiling and every nook and corner. Can be applied during working hours without any disturbance. People can continue with their work while our operators do their job.

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© Copyright 2016 SouthIndiagroup | All Rights Reserved IPM for Mosquitoes This is a comprehensive treatment comprising of sanitation, habitat disruption, chemical control and mechanical control. IPM treatment consists disinfestations spray on premises and breeding stations, fogging treatment, mechanical repellent treatments and entry restriction measurers. Treatment applied in all rooms and also in the breeding sources like drainage openings, channels, water stagnations, etc which are very nearby to the premises. Disinfestations spray and chemicals used are odorless and harmless to human being, safer and most efficient. Gum traps will also be placed based on requirement. The fogging treatments will be applied based on requirement as and when needed and it can be applied during working days without disturbance. Rodo-Kill Treatment Rodo-Kill Treatment is an integrated rodent control service against all kinds of rodents. It ensures safety and efficacy and is scheduled on daily/weekly/fortnightly/monthly basis depending upon the place. Rodent control requires skillful study on the species of rodents existing and inspection around the premises to identify burrows. Integrated rodent control measure adopted by SIPC comprises of baiting, trapping and proofing techniques. Based on the inspection report these techniques are implemented. SIPC experts will suggest sanitation proofing measures in civil components from time to time to prevent rodent entry into the premises.

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© Copyright 2016 SouthIndiagroup | All Rights Reserved Term X  Post Anti-Termite Treatment It is a post construction termite control service for existing buildings/structures with 7 years protection against termites. DRILL-FILL-SEAL technique is adopted with new generation systemic termiticides used as filling components as per IS- 6313-3(2001). No damages to other structures. Can be applied to any kind of flooring materials without much damage. Perimeter areas may also be treated if required. Term X Pre Anti-Termite Treatment It is a pre construction termite control service for buildings /structures under construction with 10- 15 years protection against termites. Very effective as it creates a uniform chemical barrier around the building. We use new generation systemic termiticides which are accepted worldwide and is non- hazardous. Applied in three stages as per IS- 6313 standards Viz., Stage1-Foundation, Stage2- Flooring and Stage3- Perimeter surrounding the building Termites also known as white ants live as a social colony consisting queen, king, solders and workers. Queen controls and runs the society as leader for food, security and reproduction. Workers make the tunnel path to harvest cellulose food in any kind of materials in any place.

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© Copyright 2016 SouthIndiagroup | All Rights Reserved Bed Bugs Eradication Treatment Bed Bugs are active blood suckers. Their bites can cause irritation and sometimes it might develop into allergic reactions. Unlike flea bites that are mainly around the ankles, bedbug bites are on any area of skin exposed while sleeping. Bed Bugs enter into building undetected through luggage, clothing, used beds and couches and other items as their thin bodies make it possible for them to fit into tiny spaces. They normally feed at night hours. However they are active during daytime at places like theatres, offices, rest rooms, vehicles, etc. Bed bugs can be identified by blood stains and rusty spots of their excreta on sheets and mattresses, bed clothes and from the offensive, musty odor from the bugs' scent glands. The control treatments are decided based on the pest population, treatment feasibility and need of the customers place. SIPC Bed Bugs treatment ensures killing of all bugs hiding in beds, Mattresses (Mattress buttons) , folds at the edges, cracks and crevices in walls, etc. Chemical treatment will be given to articles like bed frames, wall hangings, picture frames, night lamp stands, stuffed furniture, base boards, behind loose wall papers, light switches, door and window frames, conduits etc with approved public health chemical at optimum concentration. As bed bugs enter into our premises via people coming from bed bug prone places like theaters, trains, buses, etc., cooperation on the client is needed to implement preventive check measures.

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© Copyright 2016 SouthIndiagroup | All Rights Reserved Facility Management Services South India Facility Management Services (P) Limited established in the year 2002 was acquired by the  South India Group of Companies  during 2006 with the aim of bridging the gaps existing in facility and property management services available in India. WHY TO OUTSOURCE FACILITY MANAGEMENT SERVICE? There is great demand for skilled man power to run in house business routines in IT, Education, Health and Service sector businesses in India as these sectors are powered by industrial liberalization and free economy. Personally managing the in house business routines like Housekeeping, Manpower service for office running, Corporate service for business running and Facility maintenance services require devotion of extra time and energy from the managers and people involved in core business activity. It diverts the concentration of the firm managers form core business activity to insignificant things. As unexpected is bound to happen every day in facility maintenance it is wise to outsource from service providers who can fix the problems at any time. Outsourcing of facility management services Cost and time saving in hiring process. There is no permanent liability of labor. Brings in hassle free running of day to day works in all business places. Brings in quality work output and good business ambiance. Brings down the pressure of hiring and maintaining skilled professionals in HR department. Brings down the expenditure on office running. Gives more time for managers to look into core business.

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© Copyright 2016 SouthIndiagroup | All Rights Reserved Facility Management Services House Keeping Services Electrical & Plumbing Services Property Maintenance Services Human Outsource Services Landscape Gardening Services House Keeping Services

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© Copyright 2016 SouthIndiagroup | All Rights Reserved Maintaining all areas of the building including all toilets and sanitary wares clean and tidy. The process includes Dusting, Brooming, Wet Mopping and dry mopping as per requirement and also disposal of waste. Glass facade cleaning including glass fronts, cleaning of windows and frames. For special needs/places like hospitals and hotels we follow health and hygiene regulations and Infection Control Guidelines as provided by the customers. Mode of Contract : Annual Maintenance Contract for a period of 12 months. We are also providing specialty house cleaning tools viz., Window Washers, Squeegees, Dryers, High-foam cleaners, Kentucky Mops, Flat Mops etc, based on the clients requirement. All chemicals used by us such as Hard Surface Cleaners, Carpet Shampoo, Degreasers, Acrylic Coatings, Alkaline Cleaners, Strippers, Heavy duty Disinfectants, Sanitizers etc. are of high quality. Tailor-made house keeping package to suit to the individual client's requirement is available. We have mechanized road sweeping machines for operation in large areas. We maintain all required registers for the benefit of our clients in work place. Our online inventory system communicates us the requirement of machineries, tools, sanitary materials, labor requirement time to time and reminds us the kind of service to be delivered to all our clients. For Hospital housekeeping we follow the Standard Operation Procedures specified for Hospitals . Electrical & Plumbing Services

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© Copyright 2016 SouthIndiagroup | All Rights Reserved Whether you need plumbing, electrical, preventive maintenance, you can always expect the following from SIFMS Plumbing & Electrical . Our promise to you is that all of our technicians, plumbers and electricians will wear shoe covers and cover their work area, ultimately leaving your home as clean as they found it. We care for our customers, and it shows in the way that we care for their homes !   At SIFMS, We provide extensive Electrician & Electrical Repair. We can help you with electrical wiring, fixtures, ceiling fans and much more ... Our Electrical Services : Power/Data Points, Energy saving lighting, Light repairs & upkeep internal, Maintenance of switchboards, Maintenance of outdoor lighting, TV and Internet point installation, Fuse replacements, Safety devices & switches, Light repairs & upkeep external, General electrical faults, Repair of switchboards, Ceiling fan installation, House rewires, Power box maintenance . Our Plumbing Services : Blocked Drain Repair, Gas Fitting & Installation, Repair of leaking taps, Repair of leaking showers, Roofing repairs, Stockist of Reece fittings and accessories, Burst Pipe Repair, Repair of leaking toilets, Pipe reline, Water pipe repair . Our Service is good and 24hour service. Property Maintenance Services

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© Copyright 2016 SouthIndiagroup | All Rights Reserved Our SIFMS Property maintenance services are concerned with the maintenance of your property.   People usually prefer to outsource these services to preserve the condition of their propert . Property maintenance plays an integral part for the protection of the property. Our service providers are caretakers who are responsible for things like repairing of the furniture along with other basic necessities. Our Services : Painting and Decorating, Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing and Drainage, Roofing Housekeeping & hygiene Services etc... Building , House, Office Management Services. Security & safety, Lift Operator, Parking Management Services. Landscape Gardening Services. Facility Management Services. Water Body & swimming Pool Maintenance Services. Human Outsource Services

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© Copyright 2016 SouthIndiagroup | All Rights Reserved It is time for a change in taking your business to the next level by exclusively dedicating your core competency in business activity rather than spending energy to look into in-house management. SIFMS is committed to come extra miles with you to offer solution for your entire Human outsource requirement in running in-house business schedule. Out sourcing of Human outsource with SIFMS is the best option for running daily routine as it Has no liability of Human outsource. Has no hassle due to legal obligations of man power (ESI, PF, Graduity , Bonous , leave, managing pay and allowance, etc). Creates synergy in work processes. You have option to choose working mode. Gives more time to involve in core business. Facilitates to complete the work in time. Can adjust expenditure on man power based on requirement. Can achieve business target conveniently . It is cost effective, advantageous and contemporary business style. South India Facility Management Services (P) limited offers Human outsource for all kind of in-house business needs on short term or permanent requirement. We have experts to choose the best skilled employee for you from the Human resources and a large pool of resumes we have. Right now we offer following Human outsource for all kind of business organizations Temporary labour service (As per requirement) Data entry operator/ computer operator. Office assistance/Office utility Boy. Receptionist and front desk managers. Staff for hospitality service ( eg ,Kitchen helpers, Stewards, etc.) Supporting staff for skilled/unskilled works.

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© Copyright 2016 SouthIndiagroup | All Rights Reserved Landscape Gardening Services The landscape Gardening division of  South India Facility Management Services (P) Limited  was established after the acquisition of this company by the  South India Group of Companies  during 2006 DESIGNING Our designing experts scientifically approach the designing process by assessing the site, cliental need, opinion of architect and goose egg plan appraisal. The concepts with which we design our gardens are: Imitate nature Simple is elegant Concept of space Liveliness Vasthu and Feng Shui concepts Multi- colour concept Environmental safety and Bio-diversity Pollution control & Carbon sequestration Xeriscaping Bio - aesthetic planning and Merging the plants with building components

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© Copyright 2016 SouthIndiagroup | All Rights Reserved Garden  Execution The garden execution team in South India group is inclusive of Civil Engineers, Horticulturist, experts in arboriculture, environmentalist in addition to site managers, supervisors, gardeners and masonry workers. We claim ourselves the best as Persian Gardeners of ancient time who executed the Babylon Hanging Gardens.  Our specialty in garden execution.  The execution team is capable of completing the garden and other civil works up to the standards specified.  Matching the best plant component to design criteria.  Appropriate planting media combination.  Preventive measures for pest and diseases.  Scientific irrigation plan  Our specialty in garden execution.  The execution team is capable of completing the garden and other civil works up to the standards specified.  Matching the best plant component to design criteria.  Appropriate planting media combination.  Preventive measures for pest and diseases.  Scientific irrigation plan

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© Copyright 2016 SouthIndiagroup | All Rights Reserved Contact Us South India Group of Companies # 247, Dargha Mohalla Main Road, Old Madras Road, Adjoining Masjid, Near K.R. Puram Hanging Bridge, Bangalore, Karnataka 560016 . Phone : 080-60604949 | Fax: 080 28533141 | Email: [email protected]  | Web : Call Us Today -  1800 425 0515 [email protected] Our Presence : Bangalore|Mysore|Chennai|Madurai|Coimbatore|Pondicherry | Ooty Cochin|Trivandrum|Hyderabad|Vijayawada|Vizag | Goa

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© Copyright 2016 SouthIndiagroup | All Rights Reserved Thanks From South India Group of Companies