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4 Gear That Every Commercial Production Companies Should Have

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SteadXP is known to be the future when it comes to shooting Stable Videos. Build by combining hardware and software, this device records even slightest of camera’s movement accurately by using various inbuilt equipment like accelerometer and gyroscope. The software then removes all the unwanted camera shakes and movements and automatically stabilizes the video footage.

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Spidercamers or Spidercam is a system which lets television and film cameras to move either way be it horizontally or vertically over a predetermined area. This equipment has wide application in playgrounds or sporting events like cricket field or a football pitch. Spidercams are now also being used by commercial video production in case the shooting is happening in open areas to often shoot aerial views.

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Shock Mounts are simple gadgets that are required to convert a shotgun mic into a boom pole mic . tv commercial production company often use shock mount to keep the mic steady and stable on top of the pole. It also helps in preventing picking up unwanted sounds like bumping noise when the pole on which the mic is placed is being moved around during shooting.

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GearEye is a safety equipment that helps you track every devices or equipment that you own, whether in the shooting location or at home. You can tag all your kit or equipment that you own, name them accordingly within the app and GearEye will then tracks them with the help of a small dongle. The dongle is portable and can fit into your back pack neatly. So, heading for a shoot or going back home? GearEye will inform you if everything’s in place or not.

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