Comparison of TV advertising cost with other popular advertising media

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Here are the comparison of TV advertising cost with other popular advertising media. Explore this PDF to get more about the cost of TV advertising.


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Comparison of TV advertising cost with other popular advertising media Sinema Films

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There is a misconception among various people and many organizations that TV advertising is costly. Yes it is true that initially it looks to be expensive but when you will compare the cost with the effect you will certainly come into conclusion that though a little bit costly but TV advertisement is very effective as compared to other media. It offers the best ROI return on investment.

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The NY Production Company which has already tried other media knows how effective the TV advertisement is. The best thing about TV advertisement is that if you cannot afford to advertise on the nationalized channel you can go for the local channel which is much less costly than the other advertising media.

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In this PDF we have come with a detailed comparison of TV advertisement with that of other media so that you can understand the how worth the television advertisement will be for you.

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Now if you compare the costing of advertisement of various media with the Cost per thousand impressions CPM i.e. how much cost you have to incur for 1000 customers you will understand how TV advertising will be beneficial for you. The popularity of radio has gone down dramatically and the success of newspaper ad depends on the popularity of the newspaper. As seen above the CPM of Google and Facebook are very costly.

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That is the reason TV advertising still remained the preferred choice for most production companies LA.

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