The Present Trend of Necessary Bathroom Renovations

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A bathroom once renovated adds beauty to the home by updating its style, and makes it better adapted to the current scenario. There are many Bathroom Renovations Canterbury company at which offers very good renovation services.


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slide 1: 1 The Present Trend of Necessary Bathroom Renovation Why bathroom renovation is needed A renovation of bathroom is done to make the bathrooms more efficient more functional and more stylish. If the decision of renovation is made the planning has to be done next. Planning helps in improving the space and there are some small improvements which should be kept in mind. A bathroom once renovated adds beauty to the home by updating its style and makes it better adapted to the current scenario. There are many bathroom solutions company at Canterbury which offers very good renovation services. What are the areas that need to be covered Bathroom renovation in Simply Bathroom Solutions offers one of the best renovation illustrations. Some of the salient features to be remembered for bathroom renovation are-  Toilets- There is hidden tank toilets and their benefits. If one is thinking of replacing the toilet in the bathroom then this type of toilets is the best one. Hidden Toilets help in saving the precious space and low- flow model helps save water every time it is flushed. The attention for the toilets renovation are one of the important aspect of bathroom renovations in Canterbury.  Flooring and Tiles- There are many different kinds of flooring wall and tile choices to be made during the bathroom renovation. The most important is

slide 2: 2 the safety of the floor tiling of the shower. For a shower a small textured tile should be preferred. The texture and the extra grouting help in keeping the feet from slipping once the floor gets soapy and wet. The tiles in bathroom of these days are easy to clean and resist mold humidity and stains.  Bath Tubs- Many people add tub to their bathrooms. A bathtub is always not the necessity and more so if one never takes bath. Even though the remodel might help sell the home in the future one should consider how to use the room for the next few years. If someone loves bath then it should be included in the remodel  Windows- A ventilated bathroom is the big difference to a bathroom. Once a window is added it will help in keeping bathroom clean and free of mold and mildew. The use of window is most effective when its use can be understood as natural ventilation. Also when a window is added it helps the bathroom keep clean and free of mold and mildew. The appropriate type of window should be discussed with the architect or contractor.  Lighting- Bathrooms in general have little access to natural lights. So the need of excellent lighting is always there. Lighting should be added keeping in mind the color of the bathroom walls. It also adds to the mood of the space.  A Medicine Cabinet- A recessed medicine cabinet helps in getting the space a sleeker look. The cabinet can be put inside the wall and this will help in saving time. The cost of putting a wall framing is not much and looks grand in the full bathroom renovation.  Adding recessed features around the mirror help in giving the best lighting possible which is best while doing the hairs. Also adding lighting in the shower rather than around it makes shower more pleasant. Simply bathroom solutions look in detail at all the aspect of bathroom renovation. It helps the buyers to choose from the best. Under their guidance renovated bathroom looks great and has excellent comfort. The money spent is high so the need should be well planned before implementing the work. The company is reputed as one of the best bathroom renovations in Canterbury. Source: Contact Details:

slide 3: 3 Business Name: Simply Bathroom Solution Website: Email: Phone: 1300 579 638 Address: 167-171 Whitehorse Road Balwyn VIC 3103

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