4 Secret Behind Bakrid No One Knows

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4 Secret Behind Bakrid No One Knows


History The history of Eid -al- Adha / Bakrid dates back to the times of Ibrahim. On the day of Bakrid, Muslims observe animal sacrifice to commemorate the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim (Peace be upon him). Ibrahim dreamt of being commanded by God to sacrifice the person dearest to him to check his obedience. Ibrahim decided to sacrifice his only son Ismail who was just 13 years old at that time. When Ibrahim revealed to him about God's command, he was surprised to see the boy not defying the fact of being sacrificed. 

Three parts of sacrifice:

Three parts of sacrifice Islam has a tradition of taking special care of the poor and down-and-out’s. Hence, on Eid - ul – Adha , special care of poor is taken. This day sacrifice is divided into 3 parts. Out of these 3 parts, the first part is for oneself and the remaining two is for the poor and society.  

Sacrificing means protecting others:

Sacrificing means protecting others An individual who lives in a family, who is a part of a society, who lives in a city and is a resident of a country; it is his/her duty to take care of his/her family, society, city and country. For this, even if one has to sacrifice himself, it should be done without any turning back.

Meethi Eid:

Meethi Eid The Meethi Eid aims to spread love and sweetness among people in the world. 

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