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Skateboarding is an action sport which involves riding and performing tricks using askateboard. Skateboarding can also be considered a recreational activity, an art form, a job, or a method of transportation. [ 1 ]  Skateboarding has been shaped and influenced by many skateboarders throughout the years. A 2002 report found that there were 18.5 million skateboarders in the world. 85% of skateboarders polled who had used a board in the last year were under the age of 18, and 74% were male.[2] Since the 1970s, skateparks have been constructed specifically for use by skateboarders,Freestyle BMXers, aggressive skaters, and very recently, scooters. What is it

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You practise in any track. Where do you practise it

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Rules The rules are basic and usually depend on one's perception/location. One  player  sets a trick by doing a particular  skateboarding trick  of their choice. If the trick is not landed, another player attempts to set a trick. Once a trick has been set, the other  player (s) must respond by doing the same  trick  in their first try. No trick may be set more than once by the same person

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You need a skate table and a helmet. EQUIPMENT

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