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Investigative Operations : 

Investigative Operations Within The Online Forum

The Issue…. : 

The Issue…. We have all heard the news about possible Government corruption, cover-ups, and conspiracies. We have heard the theories and ideas coming from every angle of mass media. The problem is that within this media, there are paranoid ideations, delusional assumptions, and outright bullshit…….intermingling with very important facts and evidence that could use further support and investigation. Our goal is to bring the facts together in a professional manner so that we can develop comprehensive and detailed reports about our problems with the ongoing plans and agenda’s of our government. It has become apparent to me personally that our voice as a civilian society is no longer heard, and our needs become the needs of the advertisements fed to us on television screens. The only way to even begin making a change, is to enlighten people on the facts with an information campaign. To do this we have developed an online agency for collaborative analysis and collection of key information regarding the past and current events, and the future plans for our people. This collaborative effort is designed to result in valuable sources to use in our information campaign.

Getting Started… : 

Getting Started… The investigative work is conducted within the investigative forum located in our message board section of the navigation panel.

Within the Forum : 

Within the Forum Topics of investigations are listed as discussions. Titles of discussions show the topics of investigation.

Investigation Comments… : 

Investigation Comments… To participate in an investigation, read the current discussion and then post your investigative comments along with your information source.

Rules of the Forum… : 

Rules of the Forum… Sources must be cited, verifiable, and accurate. Any radical or biased material will be removed from the investigative forum. This is a section for professional behavior and work only.

With That In Mind… : 

With That In Mind… If you want to call a politician the antichrist or anything else, or talk about shape shifting reptilian people…….no problem….. Just make sure you leave verifiable proof or you will be banned! We’re not here to create deceitful information or “theories”…

The Results… : 

The Results… Specified members will develop detailed professional reports on the information gathered within the forum.

The Results… : 

The Results… Other members may develop detailed videos and documentaries for mass dissemination..

Where To Go From Here…. : 

Where To Go From Here…. Look for the courseware related to the intelligence role you would like to perform and join our community to help us make a difference!

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