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Mayanmar Travel agents of Signature Holidays are committed to excellence, exclusive personal services, innovative and enriching trips around the local and native places in Mayanmar.


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Places of Interest Myanmar Destinations:

Places of Interest Myanmar Destinations   Not a single place in the world is so hospitable, laid-back, and welcoming like Myanmar. To see those beauties and charms, Signature Holidays is here creating varieties of Myanmar package tours for all discerning travelers. With over 15 years of working experience   and careful research in the Myanmar travel industry, we are committed to giving you memories for a lifetime .

Tours In Style :

Tours In Style 6D Myanmar Stop-Over:- 6D MYANMAR STOP-OVER covers the first and last royal capitals (BAGAN, MANDALAY) of Myanmar in minimum time including the emerging YANGON, the largest city and commercial center of the country. 7D Fusion Myanmar:- As a perfect blend, 7D FUSHION MYANMAR tour harmonizes the natural beauties of Shan Mountain and medieval wonders of BAGAN plain.

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8D Myanmar Retreat:- The melody is introduced by the contemporary YANGON life and scenic beauties of INLE LAKE. Then follow the crescendo of imperial remnants MANDALAY and finally tuning into BAGAN, the crowning achievement of Myanmar civilization. 9D Myanmar Discoveries:- Our 9D MYANMAR DISCOVERIES symmetrically combines those of four delicacies in one dish. Looking back into the glorious past while seeing today beauties, you are traveling .

Places of Interest:

Places of Interest Yangon (emerging economy city ):- Yangon is the gate way to Myanmar today.  The city is behind the timeline hosting a cluster of colonial buildings with imposing architectural designs. Bagan (the cradle of Myanmar civilization):- It’s in Bagan period Myanmar script was invented.  Theravada Buddhism was encouraged by the emperor.   Arts/craft men were employed to construct those epic monuments to propagate and perpetuate the religion.

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Mandalay (the pile of jewel ):- Sunset from Mandalay Hill is breathtaking.  Traveling beyond time, there are a couple of dissolved capitals to explore in its vicinity where previous kings lived . Kyaikhtiyo (Golden Rock) :- It takes about 4~5hr driving time from Yangon.  The place is so cool and refreshing where many pagodas dotted over the green mountains .

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