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Call : 1300 78 20 23


Pay Per Click Advertising Sigma Infotech puts you in front of your prospects through a well-managed PPC campaign that brings you relevant clicks and conversions. Call : 1300 78 20 23


Pay per click advertising is a perfect choice when you know there are customers out their looking for your products/services. This advertising model gives you control over where your prospects will land on your site by allowing you to develop specific landing pages. Generate Hot Leads Call : 1300 78 20 23


Traditional marketing techniques like print/TV ads, banners etc. are not just expensive mediums, you can also never be too sure of the results that you may get. But a medium like pay per click advertising, allows you to pay only when you get business from it. Pay for Performance and Track Result Call : 1300 78 20 23


So, whenever a visitor clicks your ad and is directed to the landing page, it is more likely that the visitor is willing to do business with you. This performance-based model ensures that you get the most relevant traffic that increases the conversion rate and minimises the cost per click. At Sigma Infotech , we develop PPC campaigns that cut down the irrelevant traffic and bring you prospects who would buy your products and services, thereby increasing the return on your investment. Call : 1300 78 20 23


Split-testing is vital to the success of our PPC campaigns. Once your campaign goes live, we test different ad copies, landing pages, keyword sets and other factors to find out which combination can get you the best results. We use the PPC data to measure the performance of you campaign. Our skilled PPC experts take into consideration the targeted keywords, the number of clicks, sign-ups, and conversions to evaluate the cost-per-conversion and ROI, and take further steps to maximise the results. Call : 1300 78 20 23


Contact Us Address 103, 29-31 Lexington Drive, Bella Vista, NSW 2153 Australia Talk to Us Ask for a Web & Internet Marketing expert : Phone : 1300 78 20 23 Fax : 1300 79 44 02 Website : If you have a specific project that you'd like to talk about, you can simply fill out the form below. We will surely get back to you within one business day. You can also call us on or drop us an email on [email protected] .

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