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Miami Computer Services Miami Web Design And Miami IT Consulting

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I think most of us agree that we live in the world of technology so much so in fact that the new generation and their personal iphone devices are inseparable. As the new voice technologies advance such as Siri we become more and more dependent on computers and their ability to “thi nk” for us.

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I recall attending a presentation last year where a well-known speaker described a future where we would have an “ art if icia l personal as s i sta nt” that would be with us since a young age recording and learning our personality likes / dislikes and interests and would be there to guide us answer questions and essentially go through life with us as a personal cyber assistant. Possible We may be seeing the first signs of this with Siri and googles voice recognition assistants. Our team at Sibergen which specializes in Miami IT Consulting Miami Web Design and Miami Computer Services recognizes the world of technology is changing as well as the way we use it. One question that comes to mind is will we become too dependent on computers and advanced technology Also are we thinking less now that we did 50 years ago

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If the answer is yes to both of those questions and we spin this forward 5 or 10 years will we be giving too much control to the machines When was the last time we actually ran a math calculation in our heads or planned a navigation route on a physical map Technology seems to make this all too easy but is there a price to pay for taking the easy path and simply asking Siri or a computer based program Miami Web Design to give us the answer

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The other question is more from a social perspective are kids of this new generation losing the ability to communicate with each other and preferring to text their thoughts and feelings on a device rather than in person or on the phone Has technology move ahead so fast that the new generation is overwhelmed with what devices like an iphone or android Miami Computer Services can do so much so that they become absorbed in the technology and forget to take the time to notice their surroundings or even something so basic as a beautiful sunny day or sunset

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