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Quick and Easy Tutorial about Hyperlink in Powerpoint Presentations


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Hyperlink Power Point Tutorials. Click arrow to go to the last slide. Click the Hyperlink to go to the next slide

Hyperlink in 5 steps.:

Hyperlink in 5 steps. Select the Picture or The Text Box that you want to hyperlink. Click the hyperlink in the picture. 2. Right click the selected object. The picture in the right should come out. 3. Click the Hyperlink option.

4. To Hyperlink pages in the document click “ Place in this Document”:

4 . To H yperlink pages in the document click “ Place in this Document” 5 . Then select the slide that you want from the “Slide Titles”. After clicking the Hyperlink Option the picture below should come out Click here! >

Slide 4:

Hyperlink works only during the presentation. (If you want to try, the Hyperlinked object you need to start the presentation.) END You can hyperlink any slides from your presentation. (You can hyperlink an object, so that you can go back to the first slide. Try clicking this Arrow .) NOTES: