Instant Personal Loan Apps: Install Afinoz App & Apply Easily


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First and foremost, Afinoz comes with an exclusive offer if you avail a personal loan through the instant personal loan app of Afinoz. To know more visit


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Instant Personal Loan Apps: Install Afinoz App Apply Easily

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Traditionally you would head to the bank for a personal loan application. Fortunately the internet has made obtaining a personal easier and more convenient. The personal loan app makes it even simpler to get loans without having to move out of the comforts of their home. Whether it is a marriage a travel plan a medical emergency or any other need you can get instant personal loans with the aid of a personal loan app online.

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Download the Afinoz app for free from the Appstore or play store. You can also use the web version of Afinoz to receive personal loans anytime and anywhere in a few simple steps. The simple steps are: Step 1: Select the type of loan you want. Step 2: Choose the option of whether you are salaried or self-employed. Step3: Enter your personal details. Step 4- Choose the financial lender you would be availing the loan. Step 5: Enter personal details loan amount and upload the documents. Step 6: Within 4 to 48 hours after successful approval of the personal loan application the amount is disbursed to your account

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The Afinoz app provides you the Personal Loan EMI calculator to help you to calculate the details of three major things when you take a loan. These are the EMI every month installment amount the breakup and the amortization table. These three things are essential to get a clear picture to self evaluate whether you are eligible for the loan. The three essential factors of a loan which can be calculated using Afinoz EMI calculator are: The EMI is the most critical result of Afinoz EMI calculator. You can use this to find out the amount of money you need to pay monthly including the interest rate. The borrower can thus easily judge whether this amount is payable by the borrower monthly or not. The breakup is also an essential parameter which is charged on the final amount. It is very crucial to bring transparency to the borrower in a loan deal as it highlights the processing fee the interest rate the principal and other finances too.

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