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"Many pre wedding photoshoot photographers include a pre-wedding session, in which a casual photograph of the bride and groom is made. What if! Is that the idea of this meeting is to keep a memory of ""Bride and Groom"" before the wedding. "


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Power of a pre-wedding Photo Shoot Many pre wedding photoshoot photographers include a pre-wedding session in which a casual photograph of the bride and groom is made. What if Is that the idea of this meeting is to keep a memory of "Bride and Groom" before the wedding. Take advantage also of telling your photographer what your expectations are and if you already have a schedule of your big day do not hesitate to review it so that it is understood how you want your event to be. On the other hand we noticed that many brides arrive without a clear plan the day of the previous session. Once a client told us good lets take a picture for the reception right And the truth is that a pre wedding session is something a little more prepared so do not let the opportunity pass and get the most out of it. For this reason we thought of writing this guide for you Brides to give them a little help so that you have the best of the styles on the day of your previous session. Important things to consider: - The changes of clothes Yes It is important that you can check with your boyfriend what clothes they will wear for the session and well the idea is not that they go "twins" but if in some way they are coordinated in style and colors. It is not obsessive. What if you go in a dress and he appears in jean and t-shirt Then you had better wake up. - The makeup of the bride. Some studies include make up for your previous session if thats excellent What happens is that most do not. So its important that you ask your photographer about this to be prepared. Maybe its a good time to coordinate your makeup test but you should consider whether the makeup sessions schedule and your makeup artists schedule match. If you have special requirements for your makeup forget them so you ensure that everything is covered. - The Hands of the Bride Girls do not forget to do your manicure for the day of the previous session. It has happened to us many times that when we are going to make the great engagement ring photo the brides are running for having forgotten to do their manicure. So prepare your hands with your favorite color. You should also make feet if you plan to take barefoot pictures on the beach or a meadow. - The schedule of the photo shoot Punctuality is important because it will affect the final result and because the time they arrive late will be less time than they will have in their photo shoot. Why Outdoor pre wedding shoot photography require special lighting conditions that are usually achieved when the sun is closest to the horizon either at dawn or sunset. When the sun is high magic is lost this is what we call "The Golden Hour." - Accessories

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Ask your pre wedding photoshoot photographers if your session includes some accessories such as Flowers. Also if in the set or location there will be some type. For example a book a lamp a blanket a parasol. If there is any particular object that you want to take to the session do not forget to point it to your check list so it is not forgotten. At the end we want you to enjoy the most of all the wedding moments and this is one of them.

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