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ASG Eye Hospital provides best squint specialist in pune. We provide best squint treatment specialist doctor in pune at best prices. For More information squint treatment call ASG Eye Hospital: 020-29806221/22


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Welcome to ASG Eye Hospital

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About Us The main objective of setting up the ASG Group of Eye Hospitals was to provide everyone with the worlds best ophthalmic facilities and remedies cutting across the economical social and knowledge disparities and for this reason to create an organization of experienced doctors whose knowledge and experience are better than the best.The ASG group has 27 branches in 13 states and 23 cities. These include Rajasthan Gujarat West Bengal Madhya Pradesh Uttar Pradesh Assam Jharkhand Chhattisgarh Jammu Kashmir Odisha Bihar and Maharashtra. ASG Eye Hospital is one of the leading Best Eye Hospitals in Pune which has the most advanced sophisticated diagnostic investigative and treatment modalities all under one roof. With a dedicated team of best cataract LASIK retina squint cornea glaucoma oculoplasty eye specialists in Pune this eye hospital offers the best cataract surgery LASIK surgery and is considered the best hospital for laser eye surgery in Pune. The patients can enjoy hassle free services with massive list of empanelment options for a cashless benefit.

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Best squint specialist in pune ASG Eye Hospital is one of the Best Eye Hospitals in Pune this eye hospital offers the Best Squint specialist in pune at best cost. With the best team of eye specialist surgeons we have conducted numbers of successful surgeries across all age groups ASG Eye Hospital has successfully treated over Seven lakh Patients till date and are pioneers of the latest technology of Phacoemulsification and implantation of multifocal IOLs.

slide 4: What is squint Strabismus is the medical term of a squint a condition where the eyes point in unusual directions. One eye may turn inwards outwards upwards or downwards while the other eye looks frontward. Squints are general and affect about one in 20 children. They generally develop before a child is five years old but can appear later and adults can also be treated for the condition.

slide 5: What causes Squint Strabismus can be caused by eye muscles that are unnecessary and unable to keep the eyes aligned. It can also be caused by focusing problems such as farsightedness. These focusing troubles cause the eye to turn in when trying to focus. Research has shown that strabismus runs in families. In adults strabismus can also be caused by stroke diabetes poorly restricted hypertension and brain injury or tumors.

slide 6: Signs and symptoms of a squint: ➢One of the eyes does not look straight ahead but veers. ➢ Infants newborns may go cross-eyed especially if they are tired. This does not mean they have a squint. Concerned parents should check with their doctor. ➢ If you notice that your child has one eye closed or turns his/her head when looking at you this could be a sign of double vision and a squint is possible. Check with your doctor.

slide 7: Treatment for a squint: Glasses : if the child is found to hypermetropia long-sightedness they will be approved glasses which usually solve the squint. Eye patch : this is worn over the excellent eye to get other eye the one with the squint to work better. Orthoptic Exercises : The doctor may also advise eye drops and get the patient to do specific eye exercises. Botulinum toxin injection Botulinum : this is injected into a muscle on the surface the eye. The doctor may suggest this treatment if no underlying cause can be identified and if signs and symptoms come on rapidly. The injected muscle is damaged temporarily which often helps the eyes to align properly. Surgery : surgery is only used when other treatment have not been effective. Can restore binocular vision as well as realign the eyes. The surgeon moves the muscle that connects to the eye to a new position - sometimes both eyes need to be operating on to get the right balance.

slide 8: Contact Us Address: ASG Eye Hospital Plot No. 557 / 1 2 3 Fergusson College Rd Bhamburda Shivajinagar Pune Maharashtra 411005 Phone: 020-29806221/22 TIMING: 9 AM - 8 PM EMAIL:

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