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Business ethics :

Business ethics

What is business ethics:

What is business ethics system of moral principles , rules and conduct . The ethics has emerged from Latin words ‘ ethics or in Greek ‘ethicos’ the origin of these two words is from ‘ethos’ meaning character or manner . Ethics describes what is right and what is wrong . It is a standard accepted by the society It makes moral judgment of human conduct.

Two key branches of ethics:

Two key branches of ethics Descriptive ethics involves describing , characterizing and studying morality – “what is” Normative ethics involves supplying and justifying moral system “ what should be”

Defining morality and ethics:

Defining morality and ethics Morality is concerned with the norms , values and beliefs embedded in social processes which define right and wrong for an individual or a community. Ethics is concerned with the study of morality and the application of reason to explain specific rules and principles that determine right and wrong for given situation.

Business ethics:

Business ethics Business ethics is the application of ethical principals and methods of analysis to business. Ethics issues occur in all decision making processes in management of any business of any type. quality stability reliability ethics of business

Sources of Ethical Norms:

Sources of Ethical Norms Fellow Workers Family Friends Law Regions of Country Profession Employer Society at Large Local community Religious Beliefs The Individual Conscience

3 Models of Management Ethics:

3 Models of Management Ethics Moral Amoral Immoral

model of business ethics:

model of business ethics leading to determine Ethical guidance sources Our beliefs What is right /wrong Action I type 1 ethics II type 2 ethics

PowerPoint Presentation:

The strength of the relationship between what an individual or organsation believe to be moral and correct and what available sources or guideness. Suggest is morally correct Type I Ethics. Example: A student copy in exams though every one condemn this practice so this student is unethical, but perhaps only in type I sense here the student believes it is acceptable to copy another student in exam. Simply having strong beliefs about what is eight and wrong having them from proper sources may have little relationship to what one does.


Contd.. TYPE II ETHICS is the strength of the relationship between what one believes and how one behaves. EXAMPLE: A student knows it is wrong to look at another answer sheet and the student is being unethical in TYPE II ETHICS.

PowerPoint Presentation:

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