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7 Best Countries to Study Abroad www.kansaz.in Contact: 040-40307077 Mail: infokansaz.com

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Every country in the world has an appeal of its own. However if you want to study abroad then it can be difficult to choose the right country keeping in mind cost of living and tuition fees. Some studies have been made into the popularity of different countries for students. The students from all over the world prefer some countries to others when it comes to studying abroad. Let us look at the top seven of these countries. www.kansaz.in Contact: 040-40307077 Mail: infokansaz.com

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The United Kingdom The UK is the all-time favorite with international students. It has a great choice of leading universities and also has a multicultural environment that is inviting for students from around the world. This country makes you feel at home when youarestudyinghere. In 2018 about 506480 international students came to the UK. England was the home to the English language. The students can also get their language better whilegettinganexperience ofgreathistory. This is the reason that UK is the top country for international students who wish to study in UK. The top universities in the UK are – university of Oxford universityofCambridgeUniversityCollegeLondon andDurhamUniversity. www.kansaz.in Contact: 040-40307077 Mail: infokansaz.com

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Canada Canadaisnowknown alloverthe worldfor itsstunningnaturalbeautywhich is still untouched. The people of Canada are friendly and there is a culture of tolerance.Thereisalmostnoracisminthiscountryandthiscountryisthebest choiceforstudentswhowishtoStudyinCanada fromothercountries. The universities in Canada are well known for their technical advancement in the fields of computers and information technology especially. The cost of tuitioninthiscountryislowerthanUSAor UKbutthiscountryrivals thebest inthefieldofeducation. www.kansaz.in Contact: 040-40307077 Mail: infokansaz.com

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USA For a long time now the United States is considered as one of the best countries for international students. The academic choices in this country are quite flexible along with the opportunity to live in a colorful and diverse culture. Study visa to USA from India is easy processwithKansasOverseasCareers. This makes the environment in the USA the best for international students. The inflow of international students in the US is 1094792 everyyearwhichisthehighestintheworld. www.kansaz.in Contact: 040-40307077 Mail: infokansaz.com

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Australia Australiaisanother favoritewithinternationalstudents.Apartfromgreat universities this country also offers a chance to live close to nature with its abundant natural beauty. You will be studying in an enchanting countrywherethereareendlessbeachesandcrystalbluewaters. Its university degrees are recognized around the world. According to the statistics around 371885 international students register themselves in the universities in this country every year. So you can choose to study in Australia www.kansaz.in Contact: 040-40307077 Mail: infokansaz.com

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Germany This is regarded as one of the top countries for studies by students from all over the world. The best part is that education is almost free in this country. That makes it a populardestinationforinternationalstudentswhoarehardpressedformoney. The cost of living is high though and language can be a hurdle if you go to study in Germany.Everyyeararound265484studentsenrollinitsexcellentuniversities. The urban vibes of its cities like Berlin Munich Frankfurt etc. are quite alluring and so are the lovely fairy tale towns like Freiburg and Marburg. The education here is world class and even if you don ’t have an EU citizenship you can study free in Germany at the graduateandundergraduatelevel. www.kansaz.in Contact: 040-40307077 Mail: infokansaz.com

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France With a rich culture and equally rich cuisine and wine scene it is a great choice for students who wish to enjoy a different culture. Each region of France has its own distinct wine but Paris is famousforFashionfoodartandromance. Other than Paris there are also the cities like Grenoble Toulouse Lyon and Lille. There are more than 3000 institutions to choose from and the education system of France has a prestige of its own allovertheworld. www.kansaz.in Contact: 040-40307077 Mail: infokansaz.com

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New Zealand Thiscountryhasaninternationalreputationwhenitcomestothequalityofeducation that it provides to students. This is the reason that many students from all over the world come here to study in New Zealand. This country not only has a progressive educational systembutisalsoasafeplacetostudy. The support system provided to students is excellent and the universities are among thebestintheworld. Now that you know what each of these countries has to offer you can make your choicetostudyinanyofthesecountriesthatappealstoyouthemost. www.kansaz.in Contact: 040-40307077 Mail: infokansaz.com

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