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Android apps development service:

Android apps development service Design | Development | Marketing


About Android – Open source mobile OS developed ny the Open Handset Alliance led by Google. Based on Linux 2.6 kernel iOS – Apple’s proprietary mobile OS, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. Derived from OS X, very UNIX like Symbian – acquired by Nokia 2008 Windows Phone 7 – Microsoft – Kin, discontinued 6 weeks after initial launch Blackberry OS – RIM (Research in Motion), proprietary OS Design | Development | Marketing

The Smartphone Platform:

The Smartphone Platform With the iPhone being the first to the marketplace it sets the configuration of the Smartphone Platform 3G/4G connectivity WiFi connectivity Bluetooth connectivity accelerometer w/compass ambient light sensor proximity sensor GPS gyroscope Design | Development | Marketing

What is Android:

What is Android Android is an open source operating system, created by Google specifically for use on mobile devices (cell phones and tablets) Linux based (2.6 kernel) Can be programmed in C/C++ but most app development is done in Java (Java access to C Libraries via JNI (Java Native Interface)) Supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 3G and 4G networking Design | Development | Marketing

What is iOS:

What is iOS Apple’s mobile OS for phones (iPhone), tablets (iPad), handhelds (iPod), based on BSD Unix Application programming done in Objective C Supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 3G and 4G networking Design | Development | Marketing


Bluetooth Open wireless technology Developed by Ericsson (1994) Originally supposed to replace wired RS-232 Short distance via low power, short distance radio Allows creation of personal area networks Mostly to connect wireless peripheral devices to a host computer (mice, headsets, microphones, keyboards…) Can also be used to communicate between two host computers wirelessly (replace serial cables) Design | Development | Marketing


Wi-Fi Used to brand certified products that belong to a class of wireless local area network based on IEEE Standard 802.11 Currently there are 3 versions of 802.11 in common use: B, about 150 feet indoors, 300 ft outdoors G, 54 Mbits about 150 feet indoors, 300 ft outdoors N, 600 Mbits, about 1.5 miles in open air, uses MIMO (multiple input and output antennas) Design | Development | Marketing

3G ( 3rd Generation Network):

3G ( 3 rd Generation Network) Must allow simultaneous use of speech and data servicesand provide peak data rate of 200 kbits/sec Design | Development | Marketing


4G Provides a comprehensive and secure IP based solution for IP based telephony, ultra broadband internet, gaming services and streamed multimedia. Peak data rate of 100 Mbit for high mobility devices and 1 Gbit for low mobility devices. Design | Development | Marketing

Commonly Used Packages:

Commonly Used Packages User interface controls and widgets User interface layout Secure networking and web browsing Structured storage and relational databases (SQLite RDBMS) 2D and 3D Graphics SGL and OpenGL Audio and visual media support Access to optional hardware (GPS) Design | Development | Marketing

The Android Software Stack:

The Android Software Stack Design | Development | Marketing

Android Application Development:

Android Application Development Eclipse IDE Android SDK Android Emulator Android Mobile Device Design | Development | Marketing

iOS Application Development:

iOS Application Development XCODE IDE iOS SDK iOS Simulator iOS Mobile Device Design | Development | Marketing

Android development:

Android development Android Manifest Resource XML Java Source Generated Class Java Compiler Android Libraries .dex File Dalvik VM Design | Development | Marketing

iOS development:

iOS development Objective C Source .xib file Objective C Compiler Foundation Framework Cocoa Libraries . Simulator or Device Interface Builder Xcode Design | Development | Marketing

Contact us:

Contact us Contact us | [email protected] Design | Development | Marketing

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