Indications for Reconstruction of ACL

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Indications for Reconstruction of ACL:

I ndications for R econstruction of ACL



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indions for Surgery Although there are no rigid criteria for patientselection , the most frequently cited indications forreconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligamentinclude the following: • Disabling instability of the knee due to ACL deficiencycaused by a complete or partial acute tear or chroniclaxity • Frequent episodes of the knee giving way (buckling)during routine ADLs despite a course of non- operativemanagement • A positive pivot-shift test because an ACL deficit isoften associated with a lesion of other structures of theknee , such as the MCL, resulting in rotatory instabilityof the joint • Injury of the MCL at the time of ACL injury to preventlax healing of the MCL • High risk of re-injury because of participation in highdemand , high-joint-load activities related to work,sports , or recreational activities

Contra indication:

Contra indication ACL Reconstruction • Relatively inactive individual with little to no exposure to work, sport, and recreationalactivities that place high demands on theknee • Ability to make lifestyle modifications to eliminate high risk activities • Ability to cope with infrequent episodes of instability • Advanced arthritis of the knee • Poor likelihood of complying with postoperative restrictions and adhering to arehabilitation program Rehabilitation..

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