5 Superfoods That Can Transform Your Life

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5 Superfoods That Can Transform Your Life However excess intake must be avoided Science Based Turmeric Review because the nuts contain high levels of selenium. The presence of excess amounts of selenium in your body can cause fatigue stomach upset and irritability. Therefore it is important to maintain moderation in case of any food or dietary supplement. Furthermore it is advisable to use the lightly salted or unsalted nuts since salted ones means high levels of sodium which in turn is associated with hypertension. When it comes to our diets many of us look back on our teenage years with fondness. I for one didnt pay any mind to what I put into my body. I ate food packed with gluten high fructose corn syrup and other things I couldnt pronounce... and I ate a LOT of it The idea of IgG food sensitivity testing was the furthest thing from my mind - probably located somewhere past even the Pythagorean Theorem. Thanks to the blissful ignorance and high metabolism of youth I was able to pull this feat off without packing on massive amounts of body fat or suffering from other symptoms like fibromyalgia and nausea. Fortunately this was the case for me as well as most of my friends. However others may not be so lucky. With the advancements in modern medicine over the past decade we are learning more and more about food allergies sensitivities and intolerance. We are also discovering that symptoms such as the ones I have encountered as Ive grown up do not discriminate based on age. Should your teen or young adult be complaining about your cooking in a non-ironic way it may be time to consider IgG testing. IgG testing for food sensitivities monitors the reactions of your bodys immune system to various kinds of foods chemicals and herbs often found in diets. Through some providers it is available for children as young as 24 months old. However just because you get your baby tested doesnt mean theyre set for life. Food sensitivity can change over time which makes getting your teen tested during the years theyll be doing most of their growing and changing is paramount. Untreated food sensitivities have been known to contribute to fat gain stress and other gastrointestinal discomforts... all things that can easily wreck havoc on your teens already confusing and demanding life. https://wildforexguide.com/science-based-turmeric-review/