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The lifestyle amenities at Runwal Forest is an endless one. Runwal Greens Mulund is a definitive in high-luxury residential living. chek this out :


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A magnificent experience of buying a home in Runwal Greens :

A magnificent experience of buying a home in Runwal Greens

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When I came to know about runwal greens, first thing I did was to book a place for me. I am glad that I made a decision of grabbing it because getting a luxurious place in Mumbai was my long lasting dream. I always thought of spending my life in a peaceful, serene, well secured and luxurious environment. When I dreamt about all these accessories of life and about my children growing in such an environment, my husband always told me that we could not achieve it. Both of us our working but since we have three daughters, we need to spend on their education and to save money for their weddings too.

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But then Runwal group came as a miracle. Now I can fulfill my dreams because I will spend my future lifewith my kids and family in Runwal greens. This place does not only offer a high luxury residential living but also provides serene views of nearby hills. It is complete bouquet of a luxurious lifestyle. I am extremely delightful to be one of its customers. When we first entered in the region, we felt that we have entered an entirely new place, free from security threats and away from rest of the world. The feeling that we are going to live here forever is even more exciting from that time. This is not a place but a dreamland. From now on, I advice every single friend of mine to get this place booked for her.

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