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SharePoint as a DMS :

SharePoint as a DMS Peter Senescu MetaVis Technologies Jon Taylor Pannone LLP


Agenda Introduction Pannone LLP Business Problem Solution SharePoint DMS Project Walk T hrough MetaVis Product Suite Questions?

MetaVis Technologies:

MetaVis Technologies Microsoft Gold ISV Free Trial at Specialize in information management Information architecture Migration Classification and Tagging Security and Permissions Change Management

Pannone LLP:

Pannone LLP Manchester based UK Law Firm with over 100 Partners, 300 Lawyers and 600 staff in total Office in London We have nationally recognised specialisms including… We deal with anything from small private individual cases to large complex corporate projects One of the UK’s leading regional law firms Part of Pannone Law Group, a global referral network with members in over 20 countries

We use SharePoint for:

We use SharePoint for Legal Intranet (SharePoint 2007) Firm wide, departmental and personal sites deployed Delegated content management Organisational Directory SharePoint 2010 ECM and Social upgrade planned Q3 2012 Client Portals (SharePoint 2010 and Office 365) Back to back perimeter extranet to deliver highly customised portals Office 365 to deliver rapid cost effective client solutions Document Management System (SharePoint 2010)

Document Chaos:

Document Chaos

Business Problem - Cause:

Business Problem - Cause Multi Disciplinary UK Law Firm (650 users total) LexisNexis Case Management System fits departments with predefined work streams (350 users) Lack of document control or governance over non-case departments (300 users) Document storage (non-case departments) Multiple file store locations User drives Mailbox Local / removable drives

Business Problem - Effect:

Business Problem - Effect Inadequate control of business assets (documents and information) Increased non-chargeable time units Increased risk Lower levels of organisational intelligence Reduced profit End user frustration Increased helpdesk traffic


Solution Document Management Create central information store D efinitive client and matter structure Improve quality of life for all end users Reduce time and effort to store or retrieve documents Improve compliance Reduce risk Regain control of business assets Better process control

Requirements - SharePoint:

Requirements - SharePoint “ Findability ” logical navigation (we know the content we are looking for) u seful search with meaningful results (discovery, surfacing knowledge) Unique Document ID Check In / Check Out Version Control (major and minor) Recycle Bin Document Classification (Taxonomy) Document tagging (Folksonomy) Create predefined set of related documents

Requirements – pt.2:

Requirements – pt.2 C reate, open or save documents to DMS from Word Save emails from Outlook (including multiple attachments) Contextual dashboard - matter activity, WIP, non-chargeable activity Reporting Security Client collaboration (Office 365)

Organise your content:

Organise your content Information Architecture Document assets Information assets Enterprise and Social Tools? Organisational consistency Document Classification – why? Metadata – what for? Billing codes? Time recording tags? Content Types – what are they? Folders – should they stay or should they go? Document ID – Sat Nav for documents (only better)


Questions? Is it possible to find specific client information using a file store and mailboxes? Example – I need to see all correspondence for client x, matter 2 between date a and date b? Results accuracy? Compliance? Do you control your assets?

SharePoint User Interface:

SharePoint User Interface

SharePoint User Interface:

SharePoint User Interface

SharePoint User Interface:

SharePoint User Interface

Word User Interface:

Word User Interface

Word User Interface:

Word User Interface

Outlook User Interface:

Outlook User Interface

Document Migration Requirements:

Document Migration Requirements Our thoughts… Is it easy to migrate a document? Is it easy to migrate 5,000 documents from multi level rooted folders? What if we lose some documents? Can I migrate these matters in time Can I audit the migrated documents? Can I get rid of folders? Can I apply Managed Metadata from folder names? Can I write the file store document path to metadata columns? Can we script the migration to run overnight? Can we actually achieve ROI from a Migration tool?

Common Sense:

Common Sense Understand the strengths and limitations of SharePoint 2010 What exactly do you have? What else do you need? What are your 3 rd party requirements? (Gap analysis) How much should your ‘specific’ requirements cost you? Do not pay for features you will not use – good as they sound! Join your local SharePoint User Group or SharePoint Saturday event

Native / 3rd Party Tools:

Native / 3 rd Party Tools Create PDF documents - Word 2010 (now included) C ompare documents - Word 2010 (now included) Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Designer Microsystems DocX Tools Identifying document problems Restyling to house style Microsystems 3B Tools Server based metadata cleaner MetaVis Migrator (Document Migration, Batch Edit, Offboarding )

MetaVis Migrator Import:

MetaVis Migrator Import

MetaVis Migrator Import:

MetaVis Migrator Import

MetaVis Migrator Import:

MetaVis Migrator Import

MetaVis Migrator Import:

MetaVis Migrator Import

MetaVis Migrator Import:

MetaVis Migrator Import

Lessons Learned:

Lessons Learned Understand your business Use technology to solve a business problem Use 3 rd party tools if it makes sense Understand your 3 rd party tools – utilise available resources End user involvement and confidence paramount (asset visibility) Involve trainers in every part of the project (solution experts) Measure helpdesk traffic before and after the migration Try also to measure intangible shift Translate to business benefits (ROI)


Roadmap Future document process innovation (real time co-authoring of documents using Lync ) Intranet upgrade (ECM and Social) Shift to Office 365 / Azure for client sites and public applications ERP / Practice Management – Dynamics 2012 AX Focus on P rocess Control, Workflow and Document Creation (K2 Case Management)

Thank you:

Thank you Questions?

PowerPoint Presentation:

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