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Opera Mini is a web browser designed primarily not only for mobile phones, but also for smartphones and personal digital assistants. Opera Mini uses the Java ME platform and consequently requires that the mobile device be capable of running Java ME applications. Opera Mini is offered free of charge, supported through a partnership between its developer, the Opera Software company, and the search engine company Google. Opera Mini

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Opera Mini was derived from the Opera web browser for personal computers, which has been publicly available since 1996. Opera Mini began as a pilot project in 2005. After limited releases in Europe, it was officially launched worldwide on January 24, 2006.

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Opera Mini requests web pages through the Opera Software company's servers, which process and compress them before relaying the pages back to the mobile phone. This compression process makes transfer time about two to three times faster, and the pre-processing smooth compatibility with web pages not designed for mobile phones.

Opera Mini & Opera Mobile :

Opera Mini & Opera Mobile Smarter mobile browsing

Speed through the Web :

Speed through the Web The fastest browsing experience available for your phone. Opera’s rendering speed and efficient controls put it light-years ahead of other mobile browsers.

Browse with ease :

Browse with ease Surf the Web on a mobile phone as easily as on a desktop computer. Whichever phone you have, a smooth user experience awaits.

Save Money :

Save Money Save money on mobile data plans by taking advantage of Opera’s compression technology to reduce data costs by up to 90%.

Introducing Opera Mini 5.0.1 :

Introducing Opera Mini 5.0.1 29th April, 2010, the Opera Mini 5.0.1 update was available in the iPhone App Store. Updates and bug fixes in 5.0.1 include: Fix for "stuck at first start-up" and issues caused by certain network conditions Hungarian language added Language fallback set to English, not Arabic Various smaller bug and stability fixes

Make the most of Opera Mini 5 on your iPhone :

Make the most of Opera Mini 5 on your iPhone Opera Mini had over 1 million downloads the first available day. The iPhone is already the most popular handset for Opera Mini. Opera Mini is a special kind of browser that delivers compressed Web pages from Opera's servers, and as a result, browsing is fast and data use is reduced to about 10% of what you would normally use.

Opera Mini for the iPhone :

Opera Mini for the iPhone

What makes Opera Mini different from a “Full” browser? :

What makes Opera Mini different from a “Full” browser? The vision Opera has is to offer the best Internet experience on any device. Consequently, there are two major browsers for mobile phones. Opera Mobile and Opera Mini. Opera Mobile is a full browser, like Safari, that gives you a complete browsing experience, and allows the use of interactive Web applications. Opera Mini is a different kind of browsing solution that offers a less data-heavy version of the Web page. Because of the way that Opera Mini works to achieve its great speed, some functionality of advanced Web pages and Web applications such as local JavaScript execution will not work perfectly. In these cases use a full browser such as Opera Mobile on non- iPhone platforms, or Safari on the iPhone OS.

Opera Mini Vs Mobile Safari :

Opera Mini Vs Mobile Safari

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