USA Memorial Day!


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Paying Tribute to Soldiers on U.S. Memorial Day!:

Paying Tribute to Soldiers on U.S. Memorial Day!

Slide 2: After waging a long battle, the proud protectors of the nation rest in peace!

Slide 3: They give up their lives for us!

Slide 4: These Soldiers toil hard for securing the esteem of the nation!

Slide 5: They Sacrifice for the people of the country!

Slide 6: The soldiers part from their families for protecting the nation with an unsteady thought of reuniting with them!

Slide 7:

These fighters embolden themselves and their families for a mission!

Slide 8:

Gathering courage and spirit, the soldiers resume their duties towards the country!

Slide 9:

Audacious soldiers embrace death for their country!

Slide 10:

They fight back hard to safeguard us!

Slide 11: Upholding the dignity of the country and protecting the people of the nation are their passions!

Slide 12:

They fall and die for us!

Slide 13:

Protectors of the Nation: Compassionate Soldiers!

Slide 14: The Heroic Families of the Unsung Heroes!

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Slide 16:

Slide 17:

Paying Tribute to U.S. Soldiers!

Slide 18:

A Salute to their Chivalry!

Slide 19: An Honor to their Bravery!

Slide 20:

Saluting their Spirit, Courage and Brotherhood!

Slide 21: We Celebrate Memorial Day! Let’s Remember the Unsung Heroes and Honor their Families for sacrifices they made to the nation!