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Response to Intervention Training:

Response to Intervention Training Sheryl Wiltsey

Response to Intervention (RTI):

Response to Intervention (RTI) Definition: A systematic process used to identify and help children who are struggling academically. In this school environment, RTI incorporates already-implemented curriculum based testing and research-based intervention strategies for children having educational difficulties.

Why implement RTI?:

Why implement RTI? RTI provides a structured framework for instructional practices. RTI helps children with slight learning difficulties to be aided in a timely manner, thus preventing them from falling behind. RTI enforces the IDEA mandate that all children are to be taught in the “least restrictive environment” which, for many students, is the general education classroom. RTI helps to ensure that as many children as possible can continue learning in a general educational class with reasonable support if needed.

What does this mean to teachers?:

What does this mean to teachers? There are ten general steps required for effective RTI, some of which are already in place in this district. 1. Implement general education instructive techniques that are research-based. 2. Continue triannual screening of all students. 3. Recognize students who may be falling behind. 4. Begin scientifically-based intervention strategies in small groups. 5. Use progress reports for the identified students. 6. Determine based on at least progress report results whether the strategies are effective. 7. Change or replace strategies as needed. 8. Determine whether small groups should be discontinued or changed. 9. Comprehensive evaluation for special education eligibility if a student is not responding to the above mentioned intervention strategies. 10. Special education eligibility if students qualify.

Information Sources:

Information Sources Websites are available for help creating worksheets and other intervention materials, such as interventioncentral.org. The resource staff can give intervention advice and materials. For more comprehensive information about RTI, see the following literature.


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