How to convert dvd blu ray to dell inspiron duo

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How to convert/rip DVD/Blu-ray movies to Dell Inspiron Duo:

How to convert/rip DVD/Blu-ray movies to Dell Inspiron Duo Source: DVD to Dell inspiron duo Stage software from Dell, makes Dell tablet such as Dell streak 7, Dell inspiron duo etc more comfortable and convenient for entertainment, delivers photos, videos, music, Web pages and more right to your fingertips, with your most recent content always front and center. You’ll effortlessly toggle between photos, videos, music, Web pages and more. The best stage application is the stage of video, it keeps up to date on your favorite videos and podcasts and downloading movies from CinemaNow, you also can create shortcuts and customize playlists so you can get your favorite items in the way you want.

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As such a superb watching experience, how about watching Blu-ray/DVD movies on your Dell Streak 7/Inspiron Duo when you have lots of Movie Blu-rays/DVDs? It should be a good idea, but unfortunately, these Dell tablet(streak 7, inspiron duo)s don’t has the DVD or BD driver for DVDs or Blu-rays, so you have to convert Blu-ray/DVD movies to the these Dell tablet(streak 7, inspiron duo)s with a third DVD to Dell tablet conversion software. Here I recommend you a versatile and easy-to-use program named Pavtube Blu-ray ripper, which can rip movie Blu-rays/DVDs to the video formats MP4, 3GP, MPEG etc that can be recognized by your Dell tablet(streak 7, inspiron duo)s without any quality loss. In the following I will show you how to rip DVD to your Dell inspiron duo / dell streak 7 in a few simple steps. Step1. Free Download Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper , and install it on your computer which has BD drive.

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Step 2. Run pavtube blu-ray DVD ripper and insert the DVDs/Blu-rays by clicking "add files" button, select the Dell-friendly video format like "H.264 video(*.mp4)" as the output format. Step3. Start ripping and converting the Blu-ray/DVD files by clicking the button “Convert”. After patiently waiting, the conversion will be completed, then Transfer

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the new converted video files to you Dell Tablet(streak 7, inspiron duo)s. Now you can enjoy your DVD/BD movies on your Dell tablet(streak 7, inspiron duo) any time and any place. At last, please remember these points I list below if you want a higher conversion speed, First, DMA transfer is an option in modern drives which is an improved transfer method over PIO. With this enabled on both your hard drive and DVD-ROM drive, DVD ripping speeds can be significantly improved, second, Some DVD-ROM manufacturers purposely limit the DVD ripping speed of their drives to try and prevent customers from making copies of retail DVDs. Normally, the limitation can be bypassed by flashing your DVD-ROM drive with an updated or hacked firmware (which also may allow you to make your DVD-ROM drive region-free). Three, Install Latest ASPI Layers. Pay more attention to there points, and do something with your computer, you will get a higher conversion rate.

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