A Guide to Know Application of Different types of Acrylic Sheet

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A Guide to Know Application of Different types of Acrylic Sheet Whether it is a home renovation decoration of the interior or modernisation of the office glass and plastic are always must-have materials that serve multiple needs. From small to big we are surrounded everywhere by things made of glass and plastic. It could be your smartphone mirror the cars glass desktop’s screen home’s windows and so on. Imagine How would be life without transparent windows Would you able to drive your car without transparent glass Both plastic and glass have drastically changed humans’ lives.

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Glasses and some plastic materials such as acrylic polycarbonate polyphenylene are transparent but glass is more fragile compared to modern plastic sheets that resemble glass. Even most people cannot differentiate a product whether the thing is made of plastic or glass. Knowing the difference between glass and ​acrylic sheets is essential because it’s going to help you to choose the right material for use. Both plastic and glass are used widely for different purposes. There are countless applications of both clear/transparent plastic and glass but acrylic has been gaining widespread popularity day by day. In the catalogue of transparent plastic acrylic is one of the most popular materials that are ideal to use in place of glass. The reasons are: 1. It’s stronger than glass. 2. Very easy to Install. 3. Comes in a variety of finishes. 4. Cost-effective and highly durable. 5. Easy to mould and cut and can be shaped to any design easily. 6. Ideal for DIY projects and home improvements. Since acrylic is sold by many names many times people start comparing the same thing like ​acrylic vs perspex ​ or acrylic vs Plexiglas etc. There is no difference between acrylic and perspex. Perspex is a brand name that manufactures acrylic sheet while acrylic is a material. Plexiglass Acrylite Lucite Acryplast Altuglas are also a name of acrylic. Over the last few years the use of acrylic sheet to produce small to large everyday products has increased rapidly. Being a lightweight robust

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durable and amazingly transparent it has become a prominent choice for both commercial and personal use. Building and Construction Glass has been a staple for commercial and personal residence windows. Though nowadays people are more concerned about security the plexiglass sheet is widely used in construction. Moreover it offers a vibrant appearance and looks like glass at a reasonable budget. You can replace the old windows while renovating your home and they will last longer and provide a better sense of security. Skylights Having a skylight installed at home has multiple benefits like you can enjoy natural light enjoy better ventilation and so on. Are you worried that the glass made skylight can break easily Instead of purchasing an expensive glass replace it with the acrylic sheet. You know that acrylic is more than ten times stronger than glass. In addition to this acrylic is highly weather resistant material that means it can survive in any type of weather for a long time.

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Solar Panels Since acrylic can survive in harsh weather it is also the best choice for the solar panels. Compared to traditional glass Plexiglas allows more than 90 of sunlight to solar panels. Another reason is it is easy to mould that makes it the perfect material to use at the solar panel. Signage Not all signages are made of glass most people prefer the acrylic in place of glass because Plexiglas does not break easily. There are a countless number of usage of acrylic. However acrylic has also come in different varieties for different usage. Cast Acrylic Sheeting Cast acrylic sheet is known for its clarity and strength. This clear plastic sheet very lightweight and durable. It can be moulded in any shape and designs and comes in various colours sizes and finishes. If you are thinking about to replace your windows then cast acrylic is an ideal material. Acrylic Mirror Sheet Do you know that all mirrors are not made of glass only Sometimes it could be stressful to keep mirrors or glass-made products away from children. Plus the glass break in small and sharp-edged pieces

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that can be harmful to you. So you can replace your traditional mirror with the acrylic mirror. Anti Static Acrylic Sheeting Also known as the electrostatic dissipative sheet is produced to provide better protection for all sorts of electrical equipment. This ​perspex sheet is also not affected by humidity and lasts for a long time. A product with Multiple Benefits Here we have mentioned some ​acrylic properties and its applications. The decision to choose acrylic over glass will not only save your money but also an exceptional level of security and safety. They are also used to decorate interior and exterior as well. Moreover if you are more concerned about security then this product will never let you down.

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