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Presentation on the downfalls of the sales of the NIRMA:

Presentation on the downfalls of the sales of the NIRMA Shobhit gupta Abhishenk nath tiwari

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NIRMA is a group of companies based in the city of Ahemdabad in Westorn india that manufactures product like coasmatic,soap,detergent,soda,salt,l etc are the product of the nirma . Nirma washing powder become one of the most important detergent in india .

Analysis report :

Analysis report The Nirma stock has slipped out of the radar screen of most fast moving consumer good (FMCG) analysts now. Of the handful of institutional investors that had a stake in the company till last year, many have exited. As on March 31, 2004, promoters and retail investors accounted for 97 per cent of shareholding. And while foreign holding has gone up considerably on a year-on-year basis for most companies, Nirma’s stands at a dismal 0.04 per cent. There are now reports that Nirma plans to manufacture cement, which, given its current infrastructure, could generate a good IRR (internal rate of return).

Market suvey:

Market suvey Nirma had a 15.2% share of the detergent segment in April last year . But by June this year, its market share had dipped to 13.5% in detergents . In the year ended December, Nirma’s sales grew 4.3% year- onyear . ).


Continued…… “With rising incomes, consumers are now shifting from economy brands to aspirational purchases and Nirma has failed to capitalize on this shift,” “ Nirma has been continuing with the same advertising for years and now; even invisibility is on thedecline on TV channels, except for Doordarshan ,”

Down faals of the sales :

Down faals of the sales

Recommendations :

Recommendations Their advertising strategy is not good as compare to it’s competitor ex Tide,wheel There should be innovation in the product. There should be a market survey about the product The packaging of the nirma should be change They can have the perception of the customer about the nirma

Conclusion :

Conclusion The inroduction of the nirma was has catched the growth stage realy soon,but it could not survive in matururity stage or in the compdetive era due traditional style of promoting the increase their market share they have to go with the today’s technology.

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