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Presentation Description Keeping your car battery constantly charged when the car is not in use appreciably increases the life of the battery.


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Automatic Battery Charger Circuit Diagram | Circuit Diagramz FEBRUARY 26 2017 IBRAHEEM AUTOM OTIVE CIRCUIT DIAGRAM S BATTERY CARGER HOM E AUTOM ATION CIRCUIT DIAGRAM S Keeping your car battery constantly charged when the car is not in use appreciably increases the life of the battery. Charging is of course norm ally possible in your garage. The charger described here provides a constant charging current that m ay for exam ple be fed to the battery via the cigarette lighter. Automatic battery charger circuit detail: The charger consists of a m ains transform er Tr1 bridge rectifier B1and sm oothing capacitor C1. The charging current through the regulator IC1 and the switched series resistors is 107 m A 47 Ω 230 m A 22 Ω 500 m A 10 Ω or 1A 5 Ω. Diodes D1D4 indicate the position of the switch. Transistor T1 resistor R1 and diode D5 ensure the brightness of the diodes. W hen the battery is not connected the relay is not energized and the m ains is switched off. Automatic Battery Charger Circuit Diagram: converted by W

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« Circuit Diagram of Low-V oltage Power Inverter AC-DC W hen the battery is connected C3 is get charged T4 is switched ON and the relay is energized. The m ains is then switched ON and the battery is charged via D7. The consequent voltage drop across D7 causes T3 and T2 to be switched ON so that the relay rem ains energized although since its collector is at +12V transistor T4 is switched off. Resistor R5 ensures thatC1 is kept charged so that T4 rem ains off. To ensure that the charger works with flat batteries the relay contact m ay be bypassed by S1 which enables the charger to switches ON m anually. Note that during constant charging of lead acid batteries there is the risk that water dissolves into hydrogen and oxygen and this will reduce the liquid in the battery. Since sealed batteries cannot be topped up the present charger is not suitable for this type of battery. Also do not use a current higher than necessary in m ost cases 100 m A is am ple. The larger currents are intended for charging large NiCd batteries. LEAVE A REPLY Your em ail address will not be published. Required fields are m arked Comment Name converted by W

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