US History to 1877 to Present

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US History From 1877 to Present:

US History From 1877 to Present Welcome

Mrs. Shaven Abney:

Mrs. Shaven Abney Bachelor Degree from University of Southern Mississippi Married Two Kids Kt & Cameron 1 Dog : Cheddar Academic Weakness Horrible Speller

Contact information :

Contact information Class email- [email protected] All writing assignments that are not submitted via classroom. Can be emailed to this email address. The class website is [email protected] - homework assignments Due dates of assignments Links to academic journals

General information :

General information Attendance Students are expect to attend class on a regular bases. You can not learn if you not here. Grading Rubric A=100-90 B=89-80 C=79-70 We won’t have to worry about anything lower than a C.

This class is attach to a subject area test. You must past the test to Graduate. :

This class is attach to a subject area test. You must past the test to Graduate.

Classroom Procedures And Rules :

Classroom Procedures And Rules

What are Procedures ?:

What are Procedures ? an established or official way of doing something.

Beginning and END of Class Procedures:

Beginning and END of Class Procedures Turn in homework in the green homework box. Start and complete bell work. Have all class material ready and on desk before class start. Copy down any homework assignment off the board. Do not put books in backpack until bell rings. Wait to be dismiss

Noise and disruptive behavior :

Noise and disruptive behavior Consequences 1 st verbal warning 2 nd deduction of 2 points 3 rd referral to office 4 th phone call home to parent


Rules Any homework turned in after a lot time period will be counted late. All student must participate in group and class discussion to received credit All student are expect demonstrate academic honest All student are to respect teacher, classmate and class room material.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Introduce yourself. tell one thing you like about history and one thing you dislike about history.

PowerPoint Presentation:

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  ―  Nelson Mandela

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