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These trends will help you optimize your strategy, seize new opportunities for growth and reach out to your target audience more effectively. Quickweb is one of the leading web design and development company in Delhi. You can also visit our website:


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Digital/Internet Marketing Trend:

Digital/Internet Marketing Trend Most important digital marketing trends for 2019 and beyond in a single overview. These insight will help your strategy and impact of your marketing effort.

Smarter Advertising:

Every year, more and more internet users are choosing to actively block ad content In 2017 the number of devices with adblocks installed to 600 million . 65 % of those were mobile devices. The global cost of adblocking estimated at $45.4 billion in 2016 . And it has expected to rise further 92% of consumers feel that ads are more instructive today than they were year ago. Smarter Advertising

Mobile First Marketing :

Trend toward a greater role for the mobile platform is rock-solid and shows no signs of stopping. Earlier in 2018, Google rolled out mobile first indexing . , the search giant will now increasingly index mobile versions. This means mobile-friendly content will perform better in search engines than content optimized for the desktop, adding extra urgency to  mobile-first marketing . Mobile First Marketing

Engaging Diversity:

Trend is gaining traction in digital marketing. It’s a gradual change, but a meaningful one. And embracing it will help your business forge enduring relationships with rewarding new audiences. Some simple statistics for you to consider: women make up 49.6 percent of the global population , and yet  only 37 % of the people in ads are women. It goes without saying that better representation and recognition will have a positive impact on the perceived value and relevance of the ads in question. Engaging Diversity

Shift in Social Media :

Facebook is leading absolute number with over 2.3 billion users reported in 2018. But this platform is not the fastest growing between 2017 to 2018. Facebook saw its user base increase by 16 %. In that same period Instagram grow 30%, leaping from 600 million to 800 million users . Meanwhile,  LinkedIn added 155 million users to its ranks, achieving a whopping  145 percent growth.  Shift in Social Media

Voice Search :

Trends are expected to change the face of digital marketing as significantly as voice search will over the next few years. It’s estimated that by 2020, 50% of all search will be voice searches. In fact, 30% of all searches are expected to be screen free . This would drive in part by the rising popularity of smart speakers. In the US alone 47.4 million adults had access to one these devices in Q1 2018. Voice Search

Visual Search:

  A picture says more than a thousand words, so it makes sense.  Use images to find what we’re looking for online . Now, visual search as a concept is not necessarily new. Google has offered a reverse image search feature for ages. But changing consumer attitudes and the way search engines and social media platforms are approaching visual search make this trend a force to be reckoned with – especially in  e-commerce . Visual Search

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