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digital marketing and their marketing channels


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What Is Digital Marketing Digital Marketing is a term that surrounds a range of marketing strategies including Email Content Paid Media search and many more. It is a process of promoting a business or brand products and services over the internet using various digital marketing tools that help to increase the traffic on your website leads and sales.

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Digital Marketing Channels Plan your digital marketing strategy effectively with these 5 essential digital marketing channels to boost your sales and business growth.

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1. Search Engine Optimization This is a process of optimizing your website in such a way that it ranks higher in the search engine results pages thereby increasing the amount of traffic on the website. It is a combination of Technical and Marketing.

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2. Social Media Marketing Social media marketing is a practice that promotes your brand and also your content on social media channels to drive traffic on your website create brand awareness among users and also generates leads for your business.

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3. Email Marketing Companies are using email marketing as a way to communicate with their clients. It is used to promote content discounts or events as well to attract people towards your website. It is basically sending emails with promotion or newsletter to increase the conversion rates.

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4. Content Marketing Content marketing is important to SEO social media marketing and email marketing. It refers to the marketing approach of creating a valuable relevant and highly consistent content so that it can reach to the targeted audience and also creates awareness among them.

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5. PPC Pay Per Click It is a method of driving traffic to your website by Advertising directly in front of a targeted audience using advertisements and also paying the publisher a certain amount each time your ad is clicked.

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