Medicinal Plant

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Medicinal Plant:

Medicinal Plant BY: Adrian Manlupig Mangagaw


( Mangagaw ) Euphorbia hirta asthma weed tawa-tawa in the Philippines mangagaw in bisaya a plant of the genus Euphorbia.

Mangagaw :

Mangagaw It is used traditionally in the Philippines as a curative for dengue fever. The Department of Health (DOH) says tawa-tawa is not enough for critical dengue patients, and urges oral rehydration therapy . Others, like former Health Secretary Jaime Galvez Tan, is actively promoting the herbal meditation


Description Terrestrial, annual, erect herb, up to 60 cm tall. Taproot white or brown. Stem rounded, solid, hairy, with abundant milksap . Stipules present.

Description :

Description Leaves simple , not lobed or divided opposite , sessile or stalked elliptic , less than 2 cm long/wide hairy on both sides denser pilosity along the veins in the lower face more scattered on the upper side

Description :

Description L eaf base a symmetric margin finely dentate apex acute base acute 3-veined not to the top.

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The End! 1 st Quarter Project In T.L.E Submitted By: Adrian Manlupig II-Green

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