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By S.R.Meshram Asst Professor ,SIT lONAVALA:

By S.R.Meshram Asst Professor ,SIT lONAVALA Basic Mechanical Engineering

Syllabus & exam sceme:

Syllabus & exam sceme D:\sharad meshram \FE_Syllabus.pdf

Unit- I Thermodynamics:

Unit- I Thermodynamics Force - defined as a force when applied to a body having mass of 1kg ,gives acceleration of 1 m/s. unit – Newton Work – which is defined as work done when a force of 1 newton is exerted through a distance of 1 m in the direction of force . Unit is joule . hence 1 joule= 1 Nm Energy capacity for doing work ,different types of energy such as mechanical ,chemical electrical , Power – Rate of doing work 1joule /sec or 1 Newton /sec 1Nm/s= 1J/s=1watt

Thermodynamic Systems:

Thermodynamic Systems Closed : fixed mass (solid or fluid) within the Open (flow) : A volume with partly solid boundaries and imaginary boundary sections through which fluid passes

Slide 5:

System : the material in the portion of space on which we fosus ou r attention for study. Surroundings : exterior environment Boundary: A separator, real or imaginary, between system and surroundings

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