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Let me begin by introducing you to myself, and why I wish to write these blogs on motivation, compassion, and passion. My name is Shane Jeremy James, and I have always been business-headed. From the ages of 16, I was reading business articles, and learning the art of business. I even started selling hockey cards – not a business I know, but obviously demonstrating sheer spirit and entrepreneurship!


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SHANE JEREMY JAMES AND BONNIE JILL LAFLIN OUR LAUNCHING A WORLD COMPASSION TOUR. Over the Past 1.5 years we have been planning and strategizing a World Compassion Tour that never ends. The tour will be launched later this year in Hollywood with 8 cities lined up to host the event. Each event will feature influential speakers celebrities and world leaders with inspirational stories of compassion to share. For events of this scale and calibre tickets can often cost upward of 100 which is out of reach for most of the audiences we need to reach. In the spirit of the movement we will to donate 4000 free tickets. To earn the ticket attendees will have to compassionate acts. SHANE JEREMY JAMES BUILDS BRANDS One lesson that helped turn my life around was learning how to sell. From those stolen ice-creams I developed a new addiction – business. Over time I exchanged my bad addictions for my good ones and I focused on improving myself and my life. It paid off. I was one of the very first to open several ‘Curves’ franchise in Canada and was the youngest franchisee in the business. I continued to build businesses. I wrote four books. I started motivational speaking. I sat on many boards. I loved every moment of it. Read My Story